vandals strike yet again

The route below is popular with young people and those without cars. To get to Westcliffe they cut through a “path” that links Quinpool and the Cedar Court condos where Rick used to live.

99.9% of the kids use this path peacefully, but there are a few who get their kicks out of making trouble. I’m not talking litter, noise and graffiti like Bells Corners’ shabbiest, most dangerous pathway but something even less civilized.

Somebody thought it would be funny to pour gasoline on the hedge and set it on fire. The big tree and the hedge burned but luckily the flames didn’t spread to the houses on either side.

Meanwhile the usual stuff continues in addition to recent incidents of vandalism at both the Westcliffe and Lynwood community buildings, where the windows were once again smashed. Most of these incidents don’t make it to the Bells Corners Crime Map.

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3 Responses to vandals strike yet again

  1. wanderer says:

    Such news certainly doesn’t come to the attention of the residents of Lynwood Village – it’s as if the powers that be don’t want us to know that bad things happen here too. There used to be a number we could call to find out about the latest crimes in our area, but that seems to have disappeared.

    – The map is pretty informative but I don’t imagine that too many residents will bother to consult it too often (all the more so because the site is pretty clunky).

    There used to be a police blotter-type column in the community papers but that’s disappeared so we have to rely on the big media, who are only interested in unusual or spectacular crimes.

    I sympathize with the police on the beat too – their efforts are focussed on catching the bad guys, and entering data and reporting the details to the public just adds to their burden. You want to deploy your stretched resources to the areas where they can do the most good.

    Still, from a resident’s point of view, it’s nice to know what’s going on, no?

    I salute the WECA for making the police report on the walkway to McDonald’s/FreshCo public (Moodie Manor – Hydro Easement.pdf) on their website – you can download the pdf if you’re interested. It’s an old document but it does give us the gritty info that is still relevant today.

  2. Wookey says:

    It’s always the same “hoodie” punks who “have absolutely nothing to do” (excuses, excuses) and are bent on destruction.

    The police can’t be everywhere at 2:30 in the morning.

    If they’re caught make them repair (in July) their handiwork, with 400 hours of community service thrown in, and make sure it ends up on their school records.

    Some of them may run the country one day. God help us!

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