Halloween bike pirates

Bells Corners Halloween 2017: scared sh**less by the bike pirate on Tarquin.

Pirates on Oberon.

New uniforms for FreshCo/Chopper staff.

Halloween “shopping” at FreshCo.

Lynwood Manor.

Dead tired after raking the leaves in Lynwood Manor.

Corrupt politicians jailed.

Long John Rick.

Gallows humour: hanging out on Longwood by the chopping block.

Got a match?

Captain America salutes Lieutenant Canada from the Bells Corners bike-taxi.

Tricks and treats at the Bells Corners library.

Des bonbons, s’il vous plaît!” said these French immersion students.

Ghostly lines show the pre-renovations accessible parking spots.

The irony of poorly-parked vehicles with permits blocking access to people using wheelchairs, walkers and strollers.

The ghosts of Halloweens past: 2016 2014 2013 2012 2011

Road work in the Bellwood trailer park mobile home community.

Stillwater Creek runs under Bellwood.

Before the coverup.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be furious if locked gates block access to the Greenbelt trails.

The Citizens for Safe Cycling president weighs in and the principal responds:

The new fences and gates were built to to prevent the new grade 7 and 8 students from escaping the yard during recesses.

Bell HS has a great staff.

Bells Corners home prices: terrible news for these people.

More bad news for poor people and bus riders.

Good news for poor people who can’t afford/don’t want a car.


Long gone.

This looked like a good deal: $4.94 instead of $9.99.

But it was in the computer at $6.49.

The friendly Loblaws manager thanked me for pointing it out to him. Not his fault the grocery stores seem to be price-fixing.

What would the General think of this? He hated the Mongols.

Joint efforts.

Flooding at Old Richmond by the Bells Corners mosque.

One way to slow down speeding traffic.

Flooding at the site of the future Moodie light rail station.

The community association is NOT amused.

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