poverty in Bells Corners

Hidden hunger in Bells Corners.
Liberal and Conservative politicians gave speeches and traded jokes at the Bells Corners fire station.
Two MPPs and three councillors all agreed that poverty and hunger suck and that the Christian food bank should be your charity of choice.
Disgraced councillor Mark Taylor wore one of his embroidered deputy jackets to announce that “hunger isn’t political.” Huh?
Rick got his photo op even though he didn’t make a contribution from his own pocket or from his $250,000 annual “office budget” slush fund.
Councillor Egli gave a lame self-congratulatory speech. Who elected that guy?
Ex-NDPer Tristan Maack shilled for Lisa while one of Rick’s many employees looked on.
FAMSAC scored a $800 donation from the Barrhaven rugby club.
Everyone’s looking for a donation this time of year.
The CHEO bear had his paw out.
He was drinking honey moonshine on the job.
Other choices for your charitable dollar.
The FAMSAC “store” where hungry people can shop.
Not as much choice as FreshCo but the price is right.
Free home delivery if you pass the means test.
Spreading lies and nastiness: the Terry Kilrea alt-right take on charity.
The alt-left perspective.
Jim Watson is the favourite charity of many corporations who do business with the City.
The same people give generously to Rick.
Should Jim run again?

Jim Trump? He’s surprisingly popular in Bells Corners.
What’s your take on charity? Choose as many as you wish.


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3 Responses to poverty in Bells Corners

  1. nrtq5in5sgkcazyjdmrmhsbwinodhfqm-aldb3tfuse
    Who’s hungry in Ottawa?
    More than 41,500 Ottawa residents are turning to the Ottawa Food Bank every month, 36% of them under age 18.

    Children, seniors, university students and new Canadians are among the invisible who are going hungry in Ottawa. Of those who rely on the food bank, 26 per cent have a post-secondary education.

    Hunger is invisible in a way. It’s not always that person who is sleeping in a homeless shelter or the person on social assistance – it could be any one of us.

    The majority of clients – 65% – rely on social assistance or disability benefits.

    An Ottawa family of four on social assistance receives an average monthly income of $2,227, while the average three-bedroom rent is $1,390.

    Meanwhile, it costs an average of $863 a month to feed a family of four.

    We haven’t even talked about diapers or baby food. That’s just basic, raw food. No condiments. No extras. Also not included: phone and hydro bills, child-care fees, transportation, even warm winter clothing.

  2. Larry says:

    It’s ironic when a bunch of extremely well nourished politicians gather to collect money for the food bank. People can’t afford food, utilities, taxes, all because of these $*!@*$s.

  3. zeromeanszero says:

    If you want to know where Terry Kilrea’s money goes, look at who he follows on Twitter.

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