crazed clown chases children

An evil clown armed with a nasty knife was spotted chasing terrified children around the Beer Store plaza last Friday.
No word yet on casualties, but there was LOTS of blood and gore.
Police set up a base camp at the scene.
The former grocery store/RIM facility was used as the command post for the killer clown hunt.
Food was ordered for the anti-clown squad.
Lights were set up to help with the clean-up of the bloody crime scene.
Two American police cars and a team of attack dogs were imported to help track down the fleeing clown.
He was spotted at the Westcliffe McDonald’s and a wild high-speed chase down the strip ensued.
It ended when the clown’s car was rammed near Gary’s Automotive (famous for its exquisite landscaping next to the sidewalk).
The captured clown, identified as Eli Roth, was interrogated on the scene and then led off to jail. He swore that he would be back soon.

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2 Responses to crazed clown chases children

  1. Dave Mc. says:

    Sounds like a direct to video kind of production but I always liked Peter Stormare. His Fargo character was played with creepy effectiveness.

  2. zebra says:

    Looks like a great slasher movie. I gotta see it!

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