clean-up time

Abandoned ten-pound block of cheese on Northside where celebrity burgers sizzled.
It used to be a diner favoured by Bell High students.
Many residents think Gabriel’s serves the best pizza in Bells Corners.
A pizza-tasting contest gave it top prize!
Dragonfly Park is pretty disgusting.
Community volunteers have done the clean-up in the past near the desolate Westcliffe/FreshCo pathway.
Part of a large group that cleaned up some of the litter in parks and along the strip.
But the next day the litter was back.
“An obviously good idea” – many want to clean up political corruption too by limiting corporate and union donations to politicians – even Premier Wynne has been shamed into taking action.
No surprise that smug corporate-financed professional politicians like Jim and Rick think the current system is just fine. But it’s NOT okay for politicians to take money from organized crime and greedy developers eager to buy politicians and get the right decision$ at planning committee.

An easy way to clean up corruption – sad to see Mayor Watson on the wrong side of history.

Something else to clean up?
Bells Corners landmarks aren’t necessarily eyesores.
“Temporary signs” can add interest to your strip experience.
Dosa is a fermented crepe made from rice batter and black lentils. It is a staple dish in South Indian states, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Singapore.

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One Response to clean-up time

  1. Carlos says:

    Nobody prefers ranked ballot — except our idiot PM. The debate is between first past the post (FPTP) and proportional representation. Proportional representation properly done would be better than FPTP but for a country that has FPTP to switch to proportional representation would cause a decade of instability. The question is whether a decade of instability is worth it and I don’t think so. A hybrid proportional / FPTP system would actually be the best option except that would likely be too confusing for most people.

    – Here’s why I like ranked-choice voting. In the last Bells Corners federal election here’s what the polls looked like shortly before the election:
    It was too close to call. I thought Thomas Mulcair and Sean Devine were the best of a bad bunch. But I didn’t vote for Sean because I didn’t want Stephen Harper and Andy Wang to win. So I held my nose and voted for Chandra Arya and the Liberals.

    But I would have liked to vote for Sean, even if I knew he had NO chance of winning, and then have my vote go to my second choice, Arya. Without a ranked-choice ballot my vote for Sean would have been wasted.

    Same thing for Harper/Wang fans – Harper’s their first choice but, since the Conservatives lost, wouldn’t they have liked the opportunity to pick between Trudeau and Mulcair as the next prime minister? Surely they don’t think the Liberals and the NDP are equally bad?

    Or look at municipal elections. Let’s say in Bells Corners you had three candidates: Rick Chiarelli and two others that you prefer to Rick. With support in polls around 34% for Chiarelli, and then two other anti-Rick candidates at around 33%, who would you vote for?

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