daddy’s dead

The “father” of post-war Bells Corners, here posing in front of one of his Lynwood Village split-levels, has died.

Bill Teron’s modest home in Kanata.

Want to get favoured access to public funds at the expense of ordinary taxpayers? Give money to your favourite Bells Corners corrupt politician.

Cutting a cheque to career politicians is richly rewarded with sleazy tax breaks and developer-friendly votes at City Hall.

Even Randall Denley calls Rick’s finger-licking’ bad handouts to Hilton and Colonel Sanders corrupt and foolish!

Bad news for Lisa MacLeod? Her hero wants to execute her drug-dealing leader.

Lisa MacLeod’s worst nightmare.

Lisa’s not the only one who can campaign on the taxpayer’s dime.

Vote Lisa?

Trouble brewing at the Brew Table? What would D’Arcy McGee say?

Tripleball champs from Bells Corners PS.

So close yet so far. Slip lane danger. Don’t even think about walking or cycling to the Moodie light rail station unless you have good life insurance. A solution.

Ottawa Police – to swerve and neglect? Neighbourhood Watch to the rescue?

Pedestrian killed on the sidewalk – gone but not forgotten.

The weapon.

Patton wonders what happened to the Bells Corners Syrian refugees (and when Rick will cut him another cheque).

What’s the picture in Bells Corners?

Wealthier neighbourhoods tend to speak white.

Best outdoor rink in Ottawa? Lots of ice left long after Jean-Luc’s Lynwood rink was down to bare grass.

Bell HS gets a new gym after school board bungling.

Misogynist-of-the-week Jim Watson thinks it creates a conflict of interest when city councillors start saying they want to see more women working at city hall.

Vote Jim?

Vote Rick?

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