brazen billboards

Bells Corners, looking east.

Hardworking guys enjoying their lunch break.

Nunavut residents visiting Bells Corners.

Happy Lynwood Village Retirement Community resident.

Changing the ads, one vinyl strip at a time.

Billboard for cut-through commuters. We have about a dozen pizza places in Bells Corners, but no Dominos.

Brazen billboard protests political alternate truths.

Billboard for local residents at Loblaws.

Community mailboxes used as billboards.

So much junk mail.

Bell’s Corners after the Stinson family sold the farm to Bill Teron and Stillwater Creek was covered over.

Teron built the Stinson family a special home unlike all the others in Lynwood Village.

A new home on the site.

The old Goodwill space is finally leased. Someone with deep pockets will be renovating and opening a business selling “holistic/spiritual/medicinal products.”

More ghostly shoppers. Appletree Inc. is in no hurry to open up its sister business next door.

Demolished Bellwood home.

Tidying up litter along the strip.

The new owner of this huge property wants to sever the Midas part from the strip mall.

Cash switch at the Dollarama.

Easter bargains.

Profits must be huge!

No plants yet but the Loblaws garden centre is open.

Jogging down the strip.

Neighbouring houses for rent, around $1600/mo. each plus utilities.

No more shingles.

Seamstress on duty.

Bells Corners, looking south.

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