How much home do you get in Ottawa for $357,348, the 2013 average price for residential properties, including condos? Here are the examples featured in the Citizen, followed by some Bells Corners homes on the market.
$380,000 in Bridlewood (Kanata)
$377,500 in Morgan’s Grant (Kanata)
$386,000 in Alta Vista
$380,000 in Orleans
$379,900 in Lynwood Village (Thorncliff)
$384,900 in Lynwood Village (Dorland)
$344,900 in Lynwood Village (Ridgefield)
Million-dollar homes in Bells Corners
more homes for sale in Bells Corners
rooms in Bells Corners
condos in Bells Corners
Are soakers caused by poor sidewalk design?
Are puddles at corners inevitable?
Mayor Watson made a big campaign speech today – will you be voting for him in the Oct. 27 elections?

A few of the corporations that finance Jim and his council:

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3 Responses to $357,348

  1. Donny Brooke says:

    Notice that Mayor Watson didn’t mention any of the ongoing failures of his term: the ballooning long-term structural debt, the bloated municipal bureaucracy, the ever-extending maze of regulation and economic intervention, the trans-inflationary tax increases into perpetuity, the crony bonus handouts and never-ending contracting irregularities, the special interest bailouts, the sinking bridge in Kanata, the crumbling bridge over the Airport Parkway, the stalled-in-receivership bridge in Nepean, the scrapping of the long-studied Kettle Island bridge, the downtown casino malfunction, the spontaneous sinkholes which appear after structural inspection, the regularly occurring water main breaks, the Presto boondoggle, the uselessly decaying Ottawa baseball stadium, the irresponsible debt-happy short-line LRT tunnel Giga-project without business plan or cost/benefit analysis, the utterly impractical zero energy Plasco eco-scam, and the academically verified utter failure of amalgamation itself.

    • margaret says:

      think you’re having a rough week … can’t blame everything on this mayor, except some of it might go back to when he was Ottawa pre-amalgamation mayor too … he might have led the council but there are a few more votes than his, and structural stuff I think you have to place most of the blame on the contractor and staff … they all cut corners

  2. Jay says:


    As with the increasing debt the city has not choice but to get many of these projects done as for years the city did not pay much if any attention to them so it all has to be done now do i like debt no but the city has no choice.

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