light rail in the Greenbelt

An environmental assessment will determine the location of the maintenance and storage facility (MSF) the city wants to build near the new Moodie light rail station.

It could be big!

The city has identified eight potential locations where light rail trains can be stored and maintained. Public meeting, Wed. March 22 7 p.m. at the community building in Maki Park, 9 Leeming Dr. in Crystal Beach.

The National Capital Commission has to approve use of Greenbelt land.

They’ve already rejected five of the proposed locations, including, no doubt, technology kingpin Terry Mathews’ Wesley Clover Mar-a-lago Shania ranch.

Veggie Trail Farms and the Shouldice fields were identified as a possible location when Bayshore station was the end of the line. But with the surprise extension to Moodie those local farmers are safe.

It’d be a shame if fertile Greenbelt land producing real food for the local market disappeared.

If an appropriate location can’t be found near Moodie, the MSF will have to wait until the line gets extended to Kanata.

And the great things going on at the Maple Hill Urban Farm can continue in peace.

Or maybe the MSF will go on green space near the Crestview neighbourhood between Woodroofe and Merivale if a location near Moodie can’t be found? That’s in the original plan.

The neighbours won’t be happy!

The new Moodie LRT station is supposed to open in 2023 – the city could cancel $5M plans to build a bus station at Moodie and Corkstown and a new intersection at Holly Acres and the Transitway wouldn’t be necessary

Upcoming political decisions will change this view forever.

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