It wasn’t a good day to be a pedestrian or a driver in Bells Corners.
This lady got a huge soaker.
Here’s what Ridgefield would look like if the battle for sidewalks had been lost back in the heydey of the Lynwood Village Community Association.
Many were opposed at the time, but after the community had been consulted it went with sidewalks.
Not too many would be opposed today.
SOME City services I’m happy to pay for!
And I don’t mind supporting heritage local businesses like the Ponderosa that offer value for money.
Holiday retail sales are down – many civil servants still fear job cuts and are putting off spending as the hike in the duty-free limit sends bargain-hunting Ottawans to U.S. border towns. Many other BC residents are facing tough times.
Bayshore Shopping Centre has a severe parking problem so maybe BC businesses can benefit from that – no shortage of asphalt meadows in Bells Corners!
Why circle the parking lot for 20 minutes at Bayshore when the BC Winners store is beckoning?
Many local businesses are doing fine because of the unique product and service they provide.
Business was booming at our great FreshCo – we’re lucky to have three good grocery stores so close.
And an excellent Basics store is pretty close in Kanata if you’re out that way.
The intersection expansion has made life EVEN MORE difficult for people in wheelchairs – this plucky guy in front of the DQ made some excellent points.
The crew was working hard as usual, in spite of the difficult conditions.
Many are glad the Coco boys will soon move on.
Here’s a shot of D.A. Moodie School taken from a General Dynamics drone.
The venerable Lynwood Village Community Association has been around for a long time. Sometimes 150 residents crammed into the Lynwood Park community building for a passionate meeting. These days you’re lucky to get 5 or 6 ordinary residents, although next week’s LVCA AGM may do a bit better.

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One Response to soaker

  1. wanderer says:

    I hope the turnout will be good for the LVCA AGM. In the 1980s, I remember being harnessed in to be secretary/treasurer along with another lady who volunteered to be president. I was in over my head, but we managed. So, come on folks, get involved. It’s your community!

    – The LVCA certainly has a long and storied history, judging by the archives. At times the community association was close to dormant, but at other times it was VERY active, with members jamming the community building. The community association was a bit player compared to the politicians and the city bureaucrats, but a look at the archives shows that a community association can have a huge positive impact on the neighbourhood if enough people get involved.

    There are so many reasons NOT to get involved that I don’t expect that a lot of people will show up on Dec. 4, just the usual suspects. At least we don’t CHARGE residents to attend like the Westcliffe community association, so we may get into double digits in terms of ordinary residents attending. I’ve mentioned it on the blog and those who are on the LVCA Facebook or email list know about it, but that’s NOT a huge pool of people to draw from.

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