Bells Corners haggis

The haggis is piped in.
The owner of the Scottish and Irish store, a BIA board member, used his sword to slice it up.
The haggis was a watered-down version for squeamish Canadians, made in the kitchen of the old Cock & Bull restaurant where Alex used to work.
Not everyone was brave enough to try it.
Rick only pretended to eat his for the photo op.
Lisa MacLeod couldn’t make it but her hubby showed up in a kilt. Jack MacLaren was nowhere to be found.
A bad day for Conservatives but Lisa MacLeod must be happy to see her rival eaten alive by the media.
Even Donald Trump would find MacLaren’s bizarre and vulgar “jokes” at the expense of Karen McCrimmon misogynist.
Last time MacLaren was in Bells Corners he was trying to dunk Alex at the BIA Hoopla.
Mayor Watson was another no-show so Rick grudgingly read Jim’s “official proclamation.”
The official Bells Corners tartan was revealed: green for our gobbled Greenbelt, red for the Great Fires (1870 and 2012), gray for all the roads that cut through Bells Corners, etc.
Door prizes galore: the Bells Corners Loblaws mogul won a tartan tie signed by Erik Karlsson – he was the first person to shout out the colours of the Scottish flag.
Alex did a fine job as MC – lots of laughs.
The guy from the Scottish and Irish store was a lot of fun too.
He delivered a stirring rendition of the address to a haggis.
The military band was great.
The Fraser Highlanders were also at the BIA ceremony to light up the 40-foot Christmas Holiday confetti tree before it tumbled down.
It was good day for almost everyone.
Not for Jack MacLaren though.
Another defeat for Team Pierre Poilievre.

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One Response to Bells Corners haggis

  1. Carlos says:

    It was a very successful event. Congratulations Alex and thank you to Whiprsnapr Brewing for hosting — I’ve had their beer at other events but first time attending an event at the actual facility — for people who have never been you should definitely check it out. The number of beers available is impressive. Turnout was excellent despite the less than favourable weather and especially like that there was a high level of participation for people coming out dressed for the occasion.

    Nice seeing you out Craig — you were looking good.
    – Thanks, you too, Carlos. Nice to mingle with such an interesting cross section of residents at WhiprSnapr. Most fun I’ve had since the last Plaid Parade.
    Plaid is more inclusive than tartan, so maybe next year’s event can include the plaid community as well as the tartan community. Everyone’s Irish on Saint Pat’s – let’s try to get everyone Scottish (or at least plaidish) on Tartan Day 2017. And maybe a Bells Corner Plaid Parade to kick off the Bells Corners bike season? The weather’s often pretty good on April 6.

    PLAID PARADE 2012 from ZARA STILLS + MOTION on Vimeo.

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