Bells Corners library to close?

Remember when our Centennial Library was on the chopping block a few years back? Larry O’Brien was looking for ways to save money and our branch came LAST in a study designed to identify the which communities should lose their library (the formula used was square footage divided by number of items circulated).
Rick’s advice to Bells Corners residents: “go to the library, check out as many items as possible and then check them back in. This will bump up our numbers and get us out of last place.”
Luckily, Larry lost (he tried to bribe Westcliffe politician Terry Kilrea behind the Dairy Queen Tim Hortons) and Watson removed Rick (who campaigned hard for Larry) as head librarian/politician. But then Jim passed the plum to Jan Harder. Yikes! Thanks to the developer-friendly Barrhaven career politician, we now have something else to worry about – according to the EMC she wants to reopen the debate about closing library branches (as long as they’re not in her ward). She’s also “not afraid to start charging for stuff” and implementing a user-pay model. Go, Jan, go!
How was YOUR weekend? Some of us had fun, others, not so much. It was a bad weekend for Conservative politicians like Rusty Baird, Pierre Poutine, Mike Duffy and Rob Ford.
Okay, enough politics. What else was going on in Bells Corners this weekend?
This family seemed to be enjoying their outing on the incredible Bells Corners Greenbelt trails.
Even if the Sens lost this family was in a joyous mood.
A free ride on the bike-taxi cheered these kids up.
These guys had fun playing Magic at the Hooters Tim Hortons.
The coach of a Toronto soccer team brought his team of girls to the Bells Corners Kanata/Ottawa Best Western. He didn’t really want to stay in Bells Corners, as a lot of their games were in the East end, but hotel rooms were very hard to come by because of the race weekend and the soccer tournament.
The “no vacancy” sign was up at the Holiday Inn and the lobby was packed with soccer players.
Dinardo’s sold a lot of new bikes on the weekend, and the not-for-profit Recyclore sold or gave away a lot of used bikes.
These guys fixed their own bikes with the help of a volunteer Recyclore mechanic.
Recyclore is open Wednesdays 5-8 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays noon-5 p.m. (but check or as we may be expanding our hours).
Here’s a plug for Zola’s – now that Lapointe’s has moved out, the Westcliffe plaza needs all the help it can get. Guess which business will fail next?
Zola has pretty deep pockets and, as a BIA honcho, he has very good political connections with Rick and Jim, so he’ll make it.
Fish have loins?
This strange-looking bike was roaring down Parish Lane near the library.
newlawnIt was a good weekend for lawns – this one was launched from seed.
Success! Grow, grass, grow!
Looks like it’s going to be a GREAT summer!

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2 Responses to Bells Corners library to close?

  1. guest says:

    No matter how you spin the story, Bells Corners is a dump. Businesses are leaving in droves and the main strip is an eyesore to anyone driving through. It reminds me of the dying towns down south.

  2. ron says:

    Keep the Centennial Library open! If there’s not enough money get rid of Jan Harder. That’d save taxpayers close to a million a year. We have too many overpaid underperforming politicians at the trough.

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