can you dig it?

The Big Dig at the contaminated Vox site continues. There are definitely skeletons hiding in the Vox Fox’s closet but, so far, just like on Virgil, no human remains have been found.

The Little Dig at the Hooters/double-double Tim Hortons has local residents beaming with pride – soon Westcliffe will have THREE state-of-the-art double drive-thrus within a stone’s throw of each other. People living near the Merivale strip will be green with envy!

Another very expensive dig on Ridgefield took a l-o-n-g time to complete.

The red line is natural gas and the conduits in the foreground contain the fibre optic cable.

Drivers in a hurry just drove over the lawn, sometimes barely slowing down, if the equipment briefly blocked the road.

About a month later the repairs on the road still haven’t been finished. One resident first called Jan Harder, not realizing that we’d been downgraded to Rick a number of years ago. The councillor promised to get it done last week, but it still hasn’t been touched.
Volunteers wanted!
“The Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre needs drivers to provide transportation to seniors and adults with disabilities to medical appointments, shopping and various social activities and programs. Use of personal vehicle, travel reimbursed at .50/km. Extremely flexible scheduling, 1-3 hours per drive whenever you are able. Please call Laine Johnson at 613-591-3686 or You will provide an opportunity to promote assisted independent living, to foster and maintain full capacity functioning for those who might otherwise not access the services and activities that we can. You have the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with the person you are assisting, and to contribute to the livelihood of your community.”

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2 Responses to can you dig it?

  1. Jayme says:

    Is there a project planned for the Vox or is just getting rid of the bad soil?

    – Rick would know, but knowledge is power, so he won’t share any info with you unless you’re on his team and there’s something in it for him.

    Rick HATES transparency and accountability. If you really want to know what’s happening at the Vox site phone the councillor’s minions at 613-580-2478 or, if you dare, call him on his cell at 613-852-7425. If, as is likely, he ignores you, let me know and I’ll give you Lida’s cell – the missus is the boss. Or follow the Barry Donoghue strategy – show up on his doorstep and ask him why he’s ignoring his constituents.

  2. Stinky says:

    Too much money spent on the stupid imaginary LRT and Lansdowne Park boondoggles.

    Nothing left for REAL projects.

    They need an EKG!

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