true charity?

Politicians from Bayshore to Barrhaven descended upon Bells Corners bearing gifts – even Obama grabbed some grub at the Myers food truck rally for the Christian food bank.
These people want your vote and they’re willing to pay for it with taxpayer funds.
Here’s the Team Harper photo op.
photo removed at the request of Lenny Wu on Tanglewood (Rick’s neighbour)
Notice that Lisa MacLeod has a button for the Muslim Bayshore cop running in Ottawa West-Nepean, but NOT a Wang button – like John Baird, Jan Harder and most of the Conservative bigwigs, she is NOT a fan of Andy Wang and the shady way he won the nomination.
But Wang and Poilievre outsmarted them – playing ethnic politics and cheating is the way to win.
Pierre’s an expert in winning “fair” elections.
People love to be seen in public being generous, but true charity is anonymous and is not done for personal or political gain.
Politicians love to take credit and get thanked for donating other people’s money. Here unelected fake “community” association political appointees Tristan Maack and Casey McGowan heap praise upon themselves for their self-serving generosity.
Andy Wang doesn’t miss a trick – he was the only politician to visit the Kiwanis Car Show in the Loblaws parking lot.
There were 110 vehicles on display.
But turnout was low compared to other years – everyone was at the Christ Church.
Too bad – these public school students have an excellent cause. There are only so many charity dollars to go around, and the food truck love-in sucked up most of them.
Some people waited hours for their food.
photo removed by Lenny Wu of the BCR CyberBullying Group (BCRCBG)
No lineups or political agenda here – free lemonade at this garage sale on the strip.
Lots of great bargains at this South Asian church.
It used to be the Salvation Army Church.
It’s now rented by the friendly Tamil Christian community from Sri Lanka.
The church, the Dairy Queen and the fireplace store belong to the retirement home.
This entrepreneur at the Magic Photo Booth has a great idea.
But business was slow. Too bad they were stuck in a corner beside Nancy and Rick.
They were giving away Tory-blue free condoms. Is Rick Chiarelli red or blue?
Vote here.

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