drive-thru crime

Bells Corners solidifies its position as the drive-thru capital of Canada.

Yet another one will open soon near the drive-thru ca$h place.

What a scam!

Something fishy here.

Crime wave in Lynwood Village?

Latest stats.

Lots of “partying” here.

Bells Corners West hoods.

$489,900 on Cherrywood in Lynwood Village.

This Cherrywood Bill Teron bungalow sold for over $600K!

Another Cherrywood home for $500,000. Open house on Saturday.

Least expensive homes in Bells Corners.

Bells Corners home prices.

Most of these residents can only dream of owning their own home – they rent.

Mort’s: best place to watch the Super Bowl?

Grass supper.

Cyrano bites into Frankie’s business?

You don’t often see a stretch limo in the Dollarama plaza.

Chauffeur opens the door for the 1% Quebec VIP.

She was shopping here.

Himalayan salt room?

These friendly volunteers were working on the Shia community’s building.

They told me that they feel quite welcome at the Sunni mosque but they prefer to hang out and pray with people from their own community.

Rick does some offensive pork-barrelling in the basement.

سلام at the mosque Open House.

Places of worship don’t have to pay property taxes.

Trump-lovers Joe and Li$a MacLeod want your vote.

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