Bells Corners Santa Claus Parade 2012

margaret writes (my images & links):

wonder why Bells Corners businesses/community/churches/service groups don’t make the most of this time of year?

santa claus parade – thank goodness this is still allowed

every other community seems to have a santa parade of some sort – we have the perfect road for it from one end of the community to the other – the parade could collect food for the food bank – all sorts of things – and the various businesses along the way could set out ‘food/drink’ stalls

I often go to germany for their christmas markets – it’s a wonderful experience – even in the snow … having to go to the ‘local’ ones this year just to get the ambiance of ‘it’s nearly christmas’

– I fully agree! I love a parade, especially if it involves bicycles.

Alex and Rick dangled the prospect of at least two Bells Corners parades – the famous Tulip Parade (we didn’t get the parade or even the tulips, unless you count the plastic banners) and the “Rockin’ Rick Candy Cane Parade” where Rick would bring up the rear (in his Batman costume?) and fling taxpayer-funded candy, Rick-branded trinkets and doughnuts into the excited crowd.

Rumour has it that even Lisa and Pierre would make a rare appearance in Bells Corners for such a juicy photo op!

Don’t get your hopes up too high as long as the existing regime is in place.

Sorry to be so crabby on a sunny Saturday afternoon, but the local BIA bigwigs/developers who finance Rick’s campaigns (the part that isn’t paid for by the taxpayer) must like the existing strategy: ads, banners, pseudo-community media events (where the residents are used as props for infomercials), Kanata graffiti cleanup, plush offices, plump salaries, marketing surveys, gifts to community associations, truckloads of BIA-branded trinkets, weedstrips and flower pots, etc. All of it good stuff, of course, but you could argue that we could do better.

There are a lot of good people on the Bells Corners community associations, selflessly putting in long hours doing good things for the community: organizing fun days, composing/printing/distributing newsletters, planning parties, making the community buildings available to residents, meeting with City bureaucrats, deciding how to spend public funds, providing input on development and City services, schmoozing with the councillor, managing the outdoor rinks (recently I heard some good news about the Lynwood rinks), etc.

I’m not dissing their fine efforts. Not everyone on the Westcliffe Estates Community Association is working for Rick, and the “Lynwood Village” Community Association has only one hardcore Rick-supporter left – everyone else left as soon as the job was done and the City bureaucrats had imposed their will.

But I don’t think you’ll see our community associations take the lead on a complex community event like a strip parade in the near future. Both associations are composed of only a handful of people who already have their hands quite full, juggling community work, jobs and family life.

So there’s a partial answer to your question – we need more volunteer residents willing to work for free on community projects. Sooner or later other people will step forward, get the ball rolling in a positive direction, and and then keep pushing it.

Who knows what community traditions will be in place and what Bells Corners will look like ten years from now?

photo westsideaction

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