light ‘er up

American Thanksgiving in Bells Corners – free turkey buffet with all the trimmings, free prizes and entertainment. American football is surprisingly popular here.
Another Thursday special.
I got a sneak peek at the inside of the heritage-designated Al’s Steakhouse – it looks fabulous.
This impressive statue was imported from India and there are lots of other interesting changes.
Hey! What happened to the heritage Bell’s Pizza & Subs sign at Mort’s? Wind damage? Vandals? Something new is coming?
Can’t wait for the BIA Christmas tree extravaganza this Friday from 6-9 p.m.
The current gets switched on at 7:30 right after Rick’s speech.
Alex has invited many of the same celebrities who participated the Giant Tiger pie-eating contest: Kurt Stoodely, Senator Vern White, Bill Quinn, Don Robertson, Guy Annable, Jeremy Wittet, Steve Desroches, Max Keeping, etc.
The treats and carriage rides are paid for by local businesses and politicians, so there should be some good swag. Not sure who paid for the tree – maybe Rick’s slush fund?
Hope this guy shows – he’s good!
This will be the most exciting quasi-community event since Ron produced the Family Day Polka Winter Carnival during his brief tenure as LVCA president.
Winter Carnival 5D_2456 as Smart Object-1-1
Winners of the chili cook-off.
Don Robertson at the curious closed-doors meeting at Alex’s office just before the Oct. 27 election. For obvious reasons Rick wasn’t invited. Most of the important decisions about the future of Bells Corners are made in camera by our corrupt power elite.
Most people in Bells Corners don’t use their green bins.
If you have space to compost in your backyard why use your green bin?
Nobody likes the way the taxpayer got hosed BIG TIME by the Orgaworld fiasco – wish Rick had read the contract.
But nobody wants a horribly expensive new landfill site either.
Had your flu shot yet? It’s NOT too late.
Are you excited about the new drive-thru bank in the FreshCo plaza?
Fast food at the Bells Corners Mac store.
One of our coolest stores if you’re long in the tooth.
Free home delivery for ostomy, medical and incontinence supplies.
Tristan is leading the charge on Bells Corners Rocks! – we need a bigger Starbucks with better bike-parking. I’m guessing that Jean-Luc will offer him a spot on his slate for the Wed. Dec. 3 LVCA “election.”
It’d be nice to have some bike parking here too.
Was this Lynwood Manor cat ever found?
Almost all Lynwood garages were added after the house was built by the developer. Not all of them were done properly – footings have to be deep enough and proper drainage installed.
These friendly guys seem to be doing a great job.
Will Northside upscale condos sell in Bells Corners? We shall see – Rick has given the green light so it’s possible that ground will be broken in 2015.
Caveat emptor – some shady practices in the supermarket/restaurant industry.
See you on Friday – everyone welcome!

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One Response to light ‘er up

  1. Luke Chadwick says:

    The food at East India Company is good and will be a good addition to Bells Corners. I was at the Somerset Street location about 2 weeks ago and the owner couldn’t understand why this heritage designation had now occurred. Since it had to be initiated/okayed by the local councillor we can only surmise why it only took effect after the sale of the property occurred. What was the campaign contribution history of the previous owner? Something is not right here.

    Thankfully for the new owners, the heritage designation is exterior only. However, when it is time to change windows etc. it is a pain in the neck with a heritage albatross hanging over the property.

    – Something sure smells fishy! A quick look at the l-o-n-g list of generous corporations/unions and top-drawer individuals who financed Rick in the 2010 and 2006 elections doesn’t see anyone named Al but with a numbered company how can you tell?

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