trailer park blues

The Bellwood mobile home community is a WONDERFUL place to live.

But it’s not all roses.

One disadvantage of living there is that the land doesn’t belong to you.

Too bad for long-time residents – the value of the lot their home sits on has risen exponentially over the years, but they’ll never see any of the huge windfall profits.

It looks like a local politician’s dream of evicting the residents and turning his developer friends loose is on hold for now.

I’ve heard that one reason the deal fell through was because of the dubious nature of the soil – in the past there was a lot of heavy industry in the area, not to mention the numerous gas stations and garages that Bells Corners was famous for. The Petrocan leak that contaminated the soil under the Vox was the most famous spill, but there have been many others.

Individual Bellwood residents can be devastated by their own private mini-spills. Most of the units have oil tanks that have been around forever.

If one has leaked in the past or springs a leak now the consequences are severe.

Environmentally it’s a disaster – the toxins can contaminate our water table. The fumes from living on top of a spill can be hazardous to your health.

So when a borehole test shows contaminated soil under a unit, the homeowner is forced to take some very expensive action.

First the unit has to be moved elsewhere and put on blocks, not an easy or inexpensive task in itself.

Then the heavy equipment has to dig up and remove the nasty soil. It’s complicated by the utility lines that have to be removed and replaced. Then adjacent lots have to be tested to make sure that they’re not contaminated.

Finally the unit is returned to its original location and the owner is forced to install a new propane furnace.

So it’s a lot of inconvenience and expense. Pity the poor resident who doesn’t have a very good insurance policy!

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4 Responses to trailer park blues

  1. Duncan Carmichael says:

    The old LaSalle building is now owned by General Dynamics, and it’s still there.

    It has been renovated over the years.

    – Thanks for the correction. I was talking about the Vox with someone, and she told me that it used to be a general store, a sort of early version of the Giant Tiger called Lasalle’s (LaSalle’s?).

  2. wanderer says:

    How unfortunate! I’m glad the deal to force them out failed.

    – It was really hard on the Bellwood residents to stare eviction and financial ruin in the face. After Rick Chiarelli called a meeting to inform trailer park residents that it was pretty much a done deal and that (unnamed) developers were moving in. Foutez le camp! Get lost! Tough luck if your life is ruined!

    This caused many trailer park homeowners considerable emotional hardship.

    “What? My home just lost 80% of its value? Pass me the defibrillator please.”

    Chiarelli was jumping the gun though – the mega-million dollar development deal eventually fell through (“I’ll see your million and raise you a million!”) and Parkbridge Inc. grabbed its chance to earn a handsome return on a modest investment.

    So all those poor Fokkers, many of them impoverished seniors, went through a mega-dose of stress for nothing!

    That’s why the councillor’s name is mud in the trailer park – he got less than 5% of the vote there in the last election, even less than “none of the above.”

    Let’s hope that, the next time RC starts smacking his lips at the prospect of his developer friends wetting their beaks in Bells Corners, he’ll exercise a little more restraint.

  3. TonyL says:

    I’m rehashing a old story – yet another oil leak in Bellwood, near the first one.

    30 Vanier will be moved and parked beside where the 1st oil leak mobile home sits. Yup, it still hasn’t been fully cleaned up yet.

    As for the burned mobile home, it’s long gone, just an empty lot now.

    – Oil leaks have cost Bells Corners big time, and not just in Bellwood.

    Fires have been disastrous – the recent trailer park blaze was almost as bad as the Great Bells Corners of 1870.

    Oh well, at least we’ve still got water and power, unlike other parts of the City.

    Barrhaven residents may have to drive to Bells Corners this summer to have a shower, while people from Kanata who want cooked food will visit us to dine on the strip during their frequent power outages.

    • TonyL says:

      Providing they can find Lloyd Francis Blvd. 🙂

      – It’s easy – you just turn right at Corrupt Politicians Way.

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