Chiarelli-for-mayor busted

Election fever battle of the super-egos as Jim and Rick trade insults.Jim is plotting to take down Rick via a bobblehead attack.

Chiarelli complains that the mayor’s friends are badmouthing him all over College ward.

“The stuff he’s been saying about me, it’s just grimy, just stuff you wouldn’t say,” Chiarelli whines, adding he doesn’t understand why Watson is so thin-skinned.

Chiarelli is using tax dollars to pay political attack dog Mike Patton and disgraced journalist Ken Gray to insult Watson and plug Rick as the next mayor.

Joe Smith Justin Lynch Don Robertson channelled Earl McRae as @Chiarelli4Mayor.
Tristan Maack lies.
Don Robertson comments on the Bells Corners blog:

Lloyd Francis Boulevard fiasco.

Controversial new business on the strip.

What really goes on at the Bel-Air motel/car wash? This!

Wonder what they’re selling.


Daddy’s dead but his Lynwood Village house lives on, occupied by the hardy gurdy guy.

Lots of high-paying jobs in the military-industrial complex.

Should we throw in the towel?

Do these guys know what they’re doing?

Joe Varner’s assistant is not even qualified!

Whose fingers should be on the button?

Say it ain’t so, Joe. Trump fans in Bells Corners.

Bells Corners Talks by synapcity

The Bells Corners safety audit has been completed. Time for some Healthy Transportation Alliance pop-up projects.

First bike-taxi passenger of the spring season. Most fun since the pedal to Parliament.

This woman called her free ride “therapeutic” and vowed to rethink her life.

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