Holiday Inn Chinese mystery

Notice anything odd about this photo?

Nope, not the Loblaws logo with the squiggly lines, nor the controversial Quaker billboard smack in front of Bells Corners’ biggest building (apart from the General Dynamics behemoth). Hint – the flags are missing!

This guy was taking them down when I drove up to drop off some bike-taxi customers. He could neither confirm nor deny the rumour that the Chinese flag will be replacing the stars and bars, at least while Harper’s off consorting with the Chinese tyrants.

It was a splendid day so I pushed on. My next passenger was a Stillwater resident out for his constitutional.

Then it was off to Zellers to drop off a shopper. Hope she wasn’t looking for a haircut – the Magicuts is the latest Bells Corners business to close shop.

My next passenger wanted to go to the Brew Table – I parked at their bike-taxi stand.

Now it was time to run the Robertson Gauntlet and head over to Westcliffe Rink. I passed this guy polishing up his steed.

Many courageous pedestrians were out enjoying the mild sunny weather.

Ignoring the “no trespassing” sign, I stopped at the FreshCo plaza to see if my buddy Alex was there to talk cycling, but the office was closed.

Some pedestrians choose the unofficial icy “sidewalk” through the Myers lot, while others head for the Robertson Gauntlet. Wheelchair people and bike-taxis don’t have too many options.

I managed to make it to the Westcliffe Plaza in one piece, so I checked out the chocolate and the flowers.

D.I.F.D. means “Do it for Daron” during Power to the Purple month

I finally made it to Westcliffe Rink – one of the skaters there had a Do it for Daron tuque.

As usual, the ice was in great shape thanks to Bruce, Doug, and everybody else. Many dozens of shinny players and “pleasure-skaters” whizzed around the rink until late into the night.

Meanwhile, not much happening at Lynwood – the nets haven’t been out of the building so far this year and the ice is still not in good shape.

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