Shania does Bells Corners, part 2

Lynn Saxberg: “In the crowd, it was a massive girls’ night out. Of course, there were men in attendance, too, but the vast majority of the audience consisted of smiling cowgirls singing along to every word, unified by the power of sisterhood (and probably a few beverages).”
“Their favourites were the feisty ones: Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?, Don’t Be Stupid, Any Man of Mine, That Don’t Impress Me Much and especially, Man! I Feel Like a Woman.”
Getting there was relatively easy.
Only 3 km from Bells Corners hotels to Wesley Clover Parks.
Getting home was harder – many grumbled about the transit rip-off. It’s a long hike up Moodie to Bells Corners in cowboy boots.
Post concert the Bells Corners McDo had massive lines.
Everyone I asked raved about the music but expressed outrage at the lack of organization.
The woman from Timmins is loved by many, especially by Terry Matthew$ and his daughter!
121024 Shania 115.JPG
She smouldered!
But many fans are burning mad and have turned down the “sad excuse for an apology.”
121024 Shania 116.JPG
I shuttled a few dozen Shania fans along Corkstown Road, mostly women but a few guys, but even a thousand bike-taxis couldn’t have handled the demand.
But enough whining – these Bellwood kids agreed with me that both Bells Corners and Shania Twain rock!

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