Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi in Britannia Park, one of the 100 “citizen interventions” organized by SynapCity for 100in1Day Ottawa.

Photos of bike-taxi passengers:

These Stittsville hipsters loved the Baja burgers: “a tad salty but very tasty.”

Russian-speaking Gatineau resident who used to work in Bells Corners.

Kids beachcombing with their dad.

Awesome birthday party on the beach.

Say cheese.

Britannia Woods residents.

My second visit to this friendly community.

Friends for life.

Best buds.

I gave away a lot of cycling safety info…

…and $50 worth of bike lights.

Not the “heart-shaped” ones.

The Dollarama ones.

Mild-mannered civil servant by day…

…China Doll by night?

My first passengers of the day.

Indian tourists.

Cello virtuosa with a baby rabbit and a poster for the Ottawa Touch Quilts Project.
Thanks for the tweet!

Le photographe.

Picnic time.

Hundreds of people at the Russian picnic.

Dvorik picnic.

The girl spoke fluent Russian and French.

Ottawa River Pathway.

The old trolley station.

Friends and family.

The 18-year-old teen has a girlfriend in Montreal.

No tipping allowed.

Seven years of safe cycling.

This vet lost a leg in Afghanada but it doesn’t slow him down – he powers his bike with his arms.

Wading pool employees learn the tricks of the trade.

Good summer job for students.

Time to refuel.

Eat for $2!

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One Response to 100in1Day

  1. Manjit says:

    Craig, you are amazing – a tireless enthusiast of safe-cycling fun! It was a pleasure to meet you ever so briefly yesterday. A huge thank you for participating in #100in1dayOTT

    Hope to see you at the wrap up celebration. Let’s dream up the future!

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