new Bells Corners boss

Rick Chiarelli’s former employee Alex Lewis left the Bells Corners BIA to become a cop, so the hunt was on for another Conservative to take over the plum position.
Recovering junkie and Ashley Madison cheater Tristan Maack lobbied his buddy Chiarelli for the job.
The disgraced career politician liked Maack’s social media bullying skills, but brief failed stints as a Loblaws clerk and a token NDP candidate make for a pretty thin resume.
Chiarelli appointed Lisa MacLeod’s husband, a former Stephen Harper advisor! Is Rick red or blue?
Not all small business people are partisan Conservatives like Lisa’s hubby and the BIA chair at the Electrical and Plumbing Store.
The Bells Corners BIA uses public funds and an extra tax on small entrepreneurs to boost the bottom line of big businesses and corrupt politicians: a tax grab by the 1%.
Another thief makes off with the cash after a recent robbery at the Bells Corners TD bank.
Curious image on the strip – are we getting wind turbines in Bells Corners? Where are all the speeding cars?
Renovations at Rick’s old place on Old Richmond Road.
Deer along the bike path to Wesley Clover and Shania Twain.
Curious sign: in French it’s “Follow, shovel in hand.” Dog walkers never use shovels and they rarely flush the poop.
Adding a double garage in Lynwood Village.
New asphalt walkways on Sonnet near the Bells Corners mosque.
Ottawa-style fashion.
The joy of Mex is back after Bonita’s got booted.
What a bargain!

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2 Responses to new Bells Corners boss

  1. Cover the real news, Craig:

    – How can you condemn Chandra Arya’s alleged misuse of public funds while turning a blind eye to Rick Chiarelli’s blatant misuse of his annual $250,000 office budget? And what about the smug abuse of the taxpayer practised by the privatized Bells Corners “community” associations?

    Looks like Daniel Dickin is once again out to lunch.

  2. And obviously you won’t post my reply. I guess transparency is just something everyone else needs to do, it doesn’t apply to you.

    – C’mon, man! You banned me from YOUR site and encouraged people to dogpile* on me in the most vile fashion. Textbook example of public shaming. And you’ve done it to lot of other people too.

    But now you want free access to MY site to insult me and promote your own deluded version of our history?

    Dream on. Your conscience must be bothering you.

    * dogpile

    A disagreement on an Internet message board wherein one person says something wrong or offensive, and a large number of people comment in response to tell the person how wrong and/or horrible they are, and continue to disparage the original commenter beyond any reasonable time limit.

    People commenting at the same time, without realizing others are jumping on the person as well, do not make a dogpile. The requirement is to join in with an angry group to yell at an easy target, or to get popularity points for being seen to agree with the group. They see that everyone else is doing something, and they copy it.

    The original commenter typically does not respond at all, because they are completely overwhelmed or scared off. Once a dogpile has been established, an apology from the original commenter is less likely to be effective.

    A dogpile in action:

    A 10:00 AM: “That song is retarded.”

    B 10:01 AM: “Um, that’s really offensive.”

    C 10:01 AM: “That’s not an okay thing to say.”

    D 10:02 AM: “Fuck you.”

    E-Z over the next 12 hours: “FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE.”

    A: “Sorry, I didn’t realize that word was offensive.”

    12 different people: “Stop trying to backtrack, you piece of shit!”

    Tristan: “Good-bye asshole, you’re banned. We’ll discuss you in private.”

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