Don Robertson Society (benevolent tomfoolery)

anonymous writes: Hi Craig,

Thank you very much for the great work you do, particularly via
your blog! I think it’s vital that SOMEBODY out there hack away at
the Chiarelli hegemony. (We certainly can’t depend on the media to
do it…)

In any case, I just wanted to pass on an idea I’ve had for
galvanizing and consolidating the forces of dissent in Bells
Corners specifically and College Ward in general: The Don Robertson

Something like the DRS could be successful on several levels,
including (but not limited to):

–> continuing to draw attention to the Robertson Rd. renaming
fiasco (and the brand of shady politics that was behind it) in a
humorous way without being seen as directly beating a dead horse,
as well as cause RC some discomfort without him being able to sue
for libel,

–> providing a tent under which the Anyone-But-Chiarelli forces
can unify, and thus demonstrate a multiplicity of dissenting
voices, making it more difficult for the political establishment to
pin “negativity” on one or a few, and

–> analagous to the Elvis Sighting Society, it could also serve as
a fun way to attract media attention while benefiting a good cause,
namely throwing sand in the eyes of the political establishment.
The possibilities for benevolent tomfoolery and political guerilla
theatre are unlimited. (Think of it as being a cross between the
Tea Party and the Rhino Party.)

Although the next municipal election is a few years away, with
someone as wily as RC the campaign to oust him should start NOW,
however quietly that start may be. Time is still on your side. Now
is the time to create (or tap into) a grassroots groundswell the
Rick-friendly media can not ignore.


About me: Although I very much want to see a shift in power in
College Ward, I have no desire to get involved in any visible way,
and don’t even live in that ward anyway. Passing on the above idea
is enough of a civic duty in this regard. I’m just an agent
provocateur wishing to give a black eye to the style of politics
embodied by RC.

Long live Don!
Join the Don Robertson Society here.

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2 Responses to Don Robertson Society (benevolent tomfoolery)

  1. wanderer says:

    Sounds like it might be worthwhile – I enjoy Craig’s blog tremendously, and follow it religiously, that is unless I’m in Hawaii :>)

    Glad to be back in the loop.

    Can anyone shed light on the death of Earl McRae? We’ve been away, and had no news of any kind. He was a great supporter of ours in our fight to maintain the road names in Bells Corners.

    – There a link to a story on the tragic death of Earl here.

  2. margaret says:

    LMAO …. maybe that’s who should run in 2014 ….
    tea party with rhinos … what a picture!
    reminds me of disney’s ‘fantasia’ sugar plum fairies and all
    just imaging what the slogan could be ….
    can I wear my hat?
    can we have the best china too?
    please! please! can I? can I?

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