political correctness

Canadian soldiers hiking through Lynwood Village on a muggy evening. The guy at the end told me his pack weighs about 40 lb. Next stop Afghanada?

The Cameron Highlanders are based next to City Hall, but they have a training centre next to the Bells Corners beer store.

The troops are welcome in Bells Corners.

But isn’t everyone?

This poor woman got dumped on by a Bells Corners Facebook mob who accused her of anti-military sentiment for her comment on the BIA banners.

Should Canada send troops back to Afghanistan? One guy’s thoughts.

Vote here.

Political correctness in Bells Corners: if you question military policy or wasteful DND bungling you’re not supporting the troops.

And if you question immigration policy you’re an Islamophobe.
What do Bell High School students think?

They just want to give peace a chance.

“Peace, man!”

With D.A. Moodie closing grade 7 and 8 students will be going to Bell next year. These kids say it will put more pressure on existing facilities but they’re okay with it.

The board is spending $4,000,000 on renovations.

Too bad we waste so much money on school board bureaucrats and corrupt politicians.

Student power.

Bell students like to hang out in Hillside Park.

Politicians love to rename public property for political friends or the highest bidder.

You don’t often see advertising for big businesses in a City park. Who approved this and how was it financed?

Some worry about kids spending too much time on their devices.

Others disagree. Remember Pokémon in Bells Corners? A vision of a Biba future?

Busses invade Bells Corners. These grade 7/8 students from Niagara Falls are staying at the Dazed Inn.

Which one of these guys will get the last laugh tonight?

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