RIP Earl

One of Bells Corners’ best friends is no more.

If it hadn’t been for Earl McRae’s fearless reporting, Rick might have got away with his sneaky plan to rename the strip Lloyd Francis Boulevard. After checking the ‘facts’ that the councillor was spinning, Earl went on the offensive and repeatedly mocked Rick for inventing Don Robertson. His columns in the Sun pointing out the councillor’s dishonesty effectively ended Rick’s political ambitions to be anything other than a ward boss.

He caught Rick telling a huge whopper when he fabricated the existence of Don Robertson (supposedly the long-lost descendent of John Robertson, the guy who had given Rick the green light to rename the strip Lloyd Francis Boulevard).

If the Vox fox wasn’t telling the truth about that, it makes people wonder what other fibs he’s telling us.

A recent column delivered another stinging blow to Rick’s shins – Earl hadn’t forgotten the Don Robertson whopper. Bells Corners residents who want honest transparent politicians won’t forget Earl.

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2 Responses to RIP Earl

  1. margaret says:

    RIP Earl … your openness and humour will be missed – it was one of the things that kept us going through the above travesty

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks Earl. Your light shines in Bells Corners. RIP.

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