as easy as 1, 2, 3

Does the majority rule? In first-past-the-post elections politicians can win even if 90% of the voters don’t support them (imagine that eleven candidates run and 10 of them get 9% each). It’s not fair!
How would Bells Corners residents vote if a federal election were held today?


If voters RANKED their choices would the result be fairer?
123 thinks so, and it looks like we may adopt this system for municipal elections.
Ranked ballots allow voters to choose multiple candidates, ranked in order of preference. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, according to these guys.
On election day all of the first choice votes are added up (just like we do with our current system). If someone wins 50% or more of the vote the election is over. However, if no one receives more than 50% the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated from the race.
Your vote is automatically transferred to your second choice. Again, the votes are counted and if someone has a majority, they are declared the winner. If not, another candidate is eliminated and it repeats until there is a majority winner.
The October municipal election in Bells Corners will be first-past-the-post. Are you okay with that?

Don Robertson is back! He wants the section of Centrepointe Drive near Mary Pitt Palace renamed Lloyd Francis Boulevard.
Great ice at Westcliffe rink yesterday!
Lots of skaters at Lynwood rink last night.

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10 Responses to as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. margaret says:

    please tell me that Robertson-Centrepointe bit is a joke !!!!
    it was so funny …
    please,.. it is a joke,
    isn’t it ?

    and interesting 123 section … I even know a few of them 🙂

    Which Don Robertson is pushing the Lloyd Francis Boulevard-in-Centrepointe idea?

    The founder of the Don Robertson Society? The one who disappeared suddenly? The one spotted in Tweed? The Obama-lookalike love-child? The friend of the Vox Fox? The Crimestoppers chairman?

  2. Don Robertson says:

    Do the Citizen honchos like the ranked ballot? Looks like it.

  3. ottawaowl says:

    Some people in Bells Corners voted for PM with a ranked ballot.
    Trudeau had 14 first choice votes – since he didn’t get 50% of the vote Harper, who got 7 first place votes, is dropped and his second place votes are distributed (5 to Mulcair and 2 to Trudeau).

    So the final result is Trudeau 16 and Mulcair 14. Trudeau has over 50% of the vote so he wins.
    Trudeau would have won a first-past-the-post vote too (Trudeau 14, Mulcair 9, Harper 7). But it would have been 16-14 for Mulcair if ALL Harper voters had picked Mulcair as their second choice.
    Liberal MP Trudeau and Conservative Senator Brazeau fight during their charity boxing match in Ottawa

  4. Ron says:

    I suspect that Don Robertson will encounter considerable resistance to his proposal to rename Centrepointe Drive after Lloyd Francis – from Mary Pitt. In the meantime, where’s Waldo?

  5. Don Robertson says:
    Today at 9:45 AM
    Hi Lowell,

    Please see the appeal below to the Centrepointe Community Association, as I believe you could add some much needed push to this idea. You talk sense into the population-at-large for a living, so I figured you of all people should be able to straighten these Centrepointe people out. Also, it would be all the more appropriate seeing as how you, like the late Lloyd Francis, are a former Liberal. (You had a partisan change of heart, whereas Lloyd’s party membership lapsed for reasons well beyond his control.)

    I look forward to seeing you on the battlefront on this one!

    Don Robertson
    To Centrepointe CommunityAssociation
    Today at 1:12 PM
    Dear Mr. Benn,

    Thank you for your timely response, and for your willingness to explore this very important issue. If we can make this thing happen, our children’s children’s great-grandchildren (or rather, our great-great-great-grandchildren) will be eternally grateful. The old bell at Ben Franklin Place will ring forevermore with the metallic bong of Nepeanite Exceptionism. And while you and I will have long passed into the ether, we will clang beer steins together in Valhalla above, luxuriating in the victory of having rewarded Liberal Party loyalty on earth.

    On a more terrestrial note, I am not adverse to us meeting. However, I think it would be far more efficient simply to have Councillor Chiarelli vouch for my seriousness, which he has already done in his capacity as a municipal politician. A motion at City Council was passed partly on the basis of my endorsement. In other words, if you’re wondering about my “seriousness”, please know that I am serious as a heart attack, baby.

    As for the business support being at 100%…okay, maybe that’s a bold assertion. Maybe it wasn’t each and every business, but like the experience in Bells Corners, I can say with full certainty the Centrepointe business community is certainly behind this. (Councillor Chiarelli also vouched for the rock-solid support of Bells Corners businesses that time as well, so my original point is not that far-fetched.)

    To wrap this up for now, check with Councillor Chiarelli regarding my cred and get back to me. Let’s make this happen!

    Don Robertson
    On February 27, 2014 at 9:56 AM, “Centrepointe Community Association” wrote:

    Mr. Robertson,

    I am responding to the message you sent to the Centrepointe Community Association regarding a proposal to rename Centrepointe Drive to Lloyd Francis Boulevard. I note that your name comes up as a prominent, but somewhat nebulous, proponent behind the proposal to change the name of Robertson Road to Lloyd Francis Boulevard (the Bells Corners initiative that you refer to). I think the next step in this process would be that you, Waldo Centrepointe, Councillor Chiarelli and I meet to discuss the issue. That way we can gauge the seriousness of your proposal, and the support, including the surprising 100% of community businesses that you indicate that you have.


    Ron Benn


    Centrepointe Community Association

    I’m writing to inform you of an initiative I’d like to take on with your participation, namely the renaming of Centrepointe Drive to Lloyd Francis Boulevard. While a similar initiative was defeated in Bells Corners, I believe it could triumph in your community. For one thing, I have it on good authority that the businesses in the community are 100% behind it, and it has the endorsement of a member of the Centrepointe family, one Waldo Centrepointe. The momentum behind this is too big to fail!

    I look forward to your response.

    Don Robertson

  6. margaret says:

    you’re on a roll this week !!
    and it’s not even March 1st, let alone April 1st !!

  7. Don Robertson says:

    Bonjour le Hibou,

    I’m glad to hear this thing is going over so well on our home turf. Y’know, I’m wondering if the Lloyd Francis/Centrepointe Drive initiative could be bundled with some other ideas, such as naming the foyer inside Ben Franklin Place “Mike Patton Plaza.” After all, the surest route to getting stuff named after you in what used to be Nepean is to have breezed through City Hall with a cushy, high-paying job.
    Mike, as we all know, was briefly employed by the city in the pre-amalgamation glory days, back when Nepean was a proud suburb of Barrhaven, which itself remains a proud suburb of Jan Harder. What exactly did he do there? Who knows? But more recently, he was the College Ward councillor’s Executive Thingamabob for a commercial break or two. So rather than name it after a veteran (boring!), I think Mike Patton Plaza would be an appropriate tribute.

    I’m just sayin’.

    Don Robertson

    – Don, did you know that Rick once named his ex-office boy Mike the first executive director of the Bells Corners Business Improvement Area? He needed a job after Larry O’Brien canned him.
    He only lasted a month or two – two massive egos collided and Mike went off in a huff to work for Harper on the Hill. Rick then fingered another Conservative employee (Alex Lewis) for the plum position.

  8. Don Robertson says:
    March 4 at 1:09 PM
    Hi Alex,

    I know I’ve already told you this in person, but thank you for that corn muffin recipe. I put it to good use this past weekend, and let’s just say the inlaws were OVERJOYED. (Oh, and your joke about the priest and the polar bear was a big hit once I explained the punchline.)

    You may or may not heard that I ran that idea about changing the name of Centrepointe Drive to Lloyd Francis Boulevard by the Centrepointe Community Association president. He says he wants to meet with me and the ward councillor, and because he hasn’t flat-out said no, I can only assume he’s all-in. (Also, I have put a bug in Lowell Green’s ear. Still no response yet, but I have no reason to doubt he’ll be lending his mass media bullhorn to our cause.)

    As for Robertson Road, I see no reason why we can’t take another kick at the renaming thing, though I’d recommend we wait until after the next municipal election, as we don’t want to remind voters of the previous fiasco before they head to the polls this October. The way I see it, people in the Ottawa area love having their streets segmented and dispersed – it’s just a part of the local charm. Therefore, I foresee a groundswell of support for having BOTH Robertson Road and Centrepointe Drive renamed as Lloyd Francis Boulevard. The two streets can become one, even though they’re not attached.

    (If anyone insists on Lloyd Francis Boulevard West and Lloyd Francis Boulevard East in the name of “avoiding confusion,” we’ll stand firm and insist that it’s ALL the same street, geography be damned.)

    While I’m on the topic of renaming things, don’t you think it’s time we changed the name of our organization to the East Glen Cairn BIA, and then pushed for the community itself being renamed likewise? Seeing as how Hazeldean Road is renowned as Canada’s answer to Rodeo Drive, it only makes sense to me, from a business perspective, that we try to get a little bit of that magical Glen Cairn pixie dust for ourselves. If hipsters near and far insist on namedropping Glen Cairn all the time, then surely we can only gain by a bit of strategic confusion. Glamour by association!

    I know what you’re thinking: “Great idea, Don, but surely the descendents of Hugh Bell would be appalled at the whole idea!”

    Not to worry, as I’ve already secured the Bell family’s blessing. You see, I was at a Bell World store a few days ago, and overheard an employee telling a customer that she was a proud member of the Bell family. So I interjected by asking if she meant THE one and only Bell family, and she nodded and smiled, and then added that the whole staff thought of themselves the same way. (I must say, the Bell family is not only prolific but ethnically-diverse. I’m thinking Mrs. Bell had some sister wives from across the racial divide lending a hand in populating the community.)

    Yes, I do find it odd that members of the Bell family should monopolize a store that bears their surname, but fortuitous nonetheless. So, I went about polling each and every Bell World staffer on hand to see if they would be opposed to this little renaming scheme of ours. They all seemed to approve.

    In any case, this is a lot for you to digest at once, so take lots of time to let it sink in, and then we can circle back and discuss.

    We got a winner here!

    Don Robertson

  9. Don Robertson says:
    To Centrepointe CommunityAssociation

    Dear Mr. Benn,

    I haven’t heard back from you yet, so I’ll assume that in the absence of a “no” I have your ironclad approval for me to start doing some of the legwork in your community to drum up support for our initiative. I’ll keep you posted on the feedback from your constituents. Welcome to the good fight, sir!

    As a tangential issue, the common pronounciation of Centrepointe irks me, linguistic stickler that I am. It seems most people pronounce it in an ungainly anglicized manner, “SEHN-ter-point”, when the name, with its “e” at the end, is obviously of French extraction, and should therefore be pronounced “sawn-truh-PWAH”. Unfortunately, English is a such a mongrelized gutter tongue that this type of error persists. I would recommend changing the spelling of your community to “Sawntruhpwah” as a way to do an end run around these hopeless cheeseheads insisting on the decidedly uglier “SEHN-ter-poynt”.

    If you like, I can also run this one by your neighbours as I go door-to-door. The “Sawntruhpwah Community Association”….let me know what you think.

    Don Robertson

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