former hippie blasts vandals

palmtreehugger writes: Since becoming a senior person I have regrettably become someone I vowed I would never become – a bit of a grouch.

Heck, I was once a hippie who studied transcendental meditation!

But I must gripe about today’s youth (not all of them – I know that there are lots of great kids).

I live on Tybalt Cres. If you are familiar with Westcliffe you know that there is a path at the bottom of the street which brings you out to the back of McDonalds and busses 166 and 118 on Robertson Rd.

The students from our local esteemed high school rush down that path every day to gobble up some fast food from McDonalds, Subway, 7-Eleven, etc. before heading back to class.

They are there every day dumping their garbage on Tybalt residents’ lawns, laneways, etc. 
Between late spring and late fall there is a steady flow of kids on Friday and Saturday nights, many of them seriously intoxicated from their time in the market area, getting off the bus on Robertson Rd. and going down the path to Tybalt, hooting and swearing well after 1 a.m. on the weekends.
The path is convenient for many of us seniors, but we are about ready to call for it to be closed. We’re even ready to make some signs and barricade the path with our wheelchairs as a protest against slovenly and disrespectful youth.

The poor fellow who unsuspectingly bought the property next to the path has had graffitti put on his beautiful fence by these kids. He spent a lot of money to make his place nice for the community.

Hesitantly, I must ask. What has happened to youth these days? My old friends and I were definitely non-conformists when we were young, but destroying property and blatant disrespect for other people’s property were never on our agenda. So, there, I’ve had my say!

– Here’s another graffiti gripe. The vandals strike again!

TS writes:
Heya, Great site, keep it up. I got a story for you. There is a path that runs from behind McDonald’s to Tarquin Cres. It is a very busy path, people use it all the time. But it isn’t paved and it isn’t lit. Plus the lighting on Tarquin stinks.

I wrote a letter to Rick Chiarelli. He didn’t respond personally – instead I got bounced around to a few of his underlings, who eventually gave me no response whatsoever regarding the lighting on Tarquin. They told me that the path was Bell property and they gave me the number of some supervisor at Bell.

What they expected me to do with the number, I don’t know. I thought that was why we elected people like Rick?

I should probably say that my chief concern is for the ladies in my family. They find that path really scary at times. I’m sure all the people in my neighbourhood would appreciate being able to take the quickest route home, safely and without fear. I don’t mean to seem like a jerk by bringing up something so awful, but the fact is we all know poor Jennifer Teague was found a few minutes outside Bells Corners. Stuff like that happens.

I explained my concern for the well-being of my family to Mr. Chiarelli and he did, well, nothing at all actually.

– I feel sorry for the guy who keeps getting his fence graffitied, and I’ve talked to several people who have been assaulted running the gauntlet from Tarquin to Price Chopper or Tarquin to McDonald’s.

I’ve heard from a lot of people that Rick’s constituency work sucks – he and his crew are too busy wheeling and dealing and promoting Rick to give a damn.

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3 Responses to former hippie blasts vandals

  1. Rich Littleton says:

    One possible solution would be to contact the principal of that fine Catholic high school up the hill and suggest that the values of respecting one’s self and one’s neighbours might need some reinforcement among the students.

    Anyone in the community could make the suggestion, but it would likely carry more weight if the councillor did it. If I’m not mistaken, wouldn’t Rick’s own daughters benefit from better street lighting and less crime in Westcliffe? It’s rather curious that he hasn’t taken any action. Easy small-scale proactive solutions aren’t glamorous, but can do a lot to improve the quality of life in a neighbourhood.

    – I like the idea of contacting the principal, but a delegation would be more effective. We could bring along a garbage bag full of student litter gathered from the area as a prop.

    If nothing else the route between Franco-Ouest and the junk food outlets would be tidier for a day or two.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the parental influence?

    – Sadly, it’s not always present.

  3. Robert Carroll says:

    I am a resident and have brought student litter in a garbage bag to the principal’s office in the past. But the problem has stayed the same or is even worse, judging by the little darling’s “artwork on Tybalt. There should be a special neighbourhood meeting to address this issue, it’s not going away!

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