sad day for Italians

The battle to save Little Italy is all but lost, as politicians pander to the developers who cut them cheques.
This soccer merchandise may be marked down after yesterday’s disappointing defeat.
Check out the amazing floor at the Bells Corners soccer store – it’s the same turf the Redblacks use.
Freshly picked this morning in Richmond, sold at Timm/Moodie for $5 a basket
More strawberries here
Bells Corners coolest new business is off to a flying start.
Lots of rain at Harmer House
Storm damage discussed on Bells Corners Rocks!
Remember the Great Fire of 2012?
Bells Corners was almost wiped off the map before Rick rode to the rescue.
Arsonists were at work in Crystal Beach at St. Thomas school.
The firebugs haven’t spared Bells Corners either.
Looks like sales are good at our community Canadian Tire.
Lot sizes in Arbeatha are big, so there’s lots to mow. Neighbours sometimes share machines.
Nice lawn on Priam Way near Stony Swamp – no lawn mowing here.
Rogue advertising? Hope they clean up after themselves.
Rick’s Park is slowly taking shape
Been to Fitz’s at the Bells Corners Best Western yet?
Bells Corners hotels are bulging with tourists.
They come to see the Parliament Buildings but many end up exploring Bells Corners’ fabulous tourist attractions.
The Greenbelt trails beckon.
Team Chiarelli was recently spotted dining out on the taxpayer’s dime to discuss how to get the unpopular councillor and his WECA henchpeople reelected.

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4 Responses to sad day for Italians

  1. P says:

    At this point no one has declared that arsonists were involved with the fire at St. Thomas in Crystal Beach, although that’s what it sounds like. Pretty fishy, we’ll have to wait and see what the investigators have come up with.

  2. margaret says:

    with all this being allowed in little italy … what chance do the rest of us have ?
    this intensification is going too far

  3. Jt says:

    The thing is, people look at what’s going on in the core and say this is awful. Yet not a word about what is going on in the suburbs – something like 3000-5000 houses under construction in Kanata/Stittsville with another 2000 expected to start in late 2014. Yet not a word from the media.

  4. margaret says:

    the kanata/stittsville is new development and there is media coverage when developers push the limits like removing tress and demanding to use natural spots
    I feel for the ones who are in established communities that suddenly they have 10-20-40 storey hi-rises on their doorstep … westboro is an example … Richmond (the original) road is now a dark cavern with those new hi-rises on both sides … they block the sun for most of the day
    if this kind of over-kill of intensification is allowed rather than modified infill then communities will disappear and they will become cement ghettos
    and that’s what could happen on Robertson if it isn’t controlled … low-rise is fine
    hi-rise is fine in new areas as people will be buying into that kind of community, not having it forced on them like westboro and little italy

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