free money

A handful of residents, business owners and lobbyists showed up for the pseudo-consultation on the Bells Corners Community Business Improvement Plan.
It’s a done deal – both the corporate-financed mayor and the corrupt councillor back the plan to funnel scarce tax dollars to strip mall owners and big businesses.
Loblaws/Zellers wants to install a new sign or fix the rickety air conditioning? The taxpayer will pay 75% of the cost.
A Citizen journalist looked into the Orleans and Carling Avenue “Community” Improvement plans and exposed the scam.
Not surprisingly, wealthy business owners like the idea of free money – why should they plow some of their profits into cleaning up their shabby properties when they can get the taxpayer to foot the bill? Rick warned the community to get on board lest the tax handouts go to businesses in some other community.
Mayor McCheese was recently in Bells Corners to promote McDonald’s junk food.
Wish we had a mayor who wasn’t so indebted to his corporate sponsors.
Jim also stopped at the United Church to schmooze with the elders.
The fabulous United Church Garage Sale takes place Saturday from 9 to 1 – incredible bargains!
Mom’s Day in Bells Corners!
Vicky Day is coming – KABOOM is popping up again in the Canadian Tire parking lot for those who want an explosive holiday.
This year’s powwow takes place at the Maple Hill Urban Farm.
It’s on Moodie just south of the Queensway.
These ladies were staying at the Best Western – they flew in from Nunavut for treatment at the Queensway-Carleton.

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5 Responses to free money

  1. Carlos says:

    I wouldn’t call it free money — the program allows property owners to not pay municipal taxes if they make capital improvements to their properties. The amount the property owner has to invest in the property is greater than the amount they save on taxes. The simple fact is that it doesn’t make sense to invest in properties so if we don’t want the strip getting worse than it is there has to be some kind of incentive for the property owners to invest.

    As for why the community was consulted on this — I have no idea. This is an economic development program and the views of residents are completely irrelevant. The only question that needs answering is will the deferred taxes lead to investments which will lead to greater revenue for the city years down the road — if yes then the city should do it and if not then they shouldn’t.

  2. Dennis Lloyd says:

    There was a post on Bells Corners Rocks earlier this evening which listed various activities scheduled for the Westcliffe Estates Community Association, but no fees were mentioned. I posted and asked why fees were charged, (as I had seen a $10.00 membership fee mentioned in a paper flyer delivered to our door) and why no fees were mentioned, stating that my wife had been president of another west end community association, and that funding was provided by the City, so all events were free to community members. — my post was immediately deleted. I re-posted, asking why my post was deleted, and THAT post was immediately deleted also. I went to another thread in Bells Corners Rocks and asked why my post was deleted – Jeff Wilson replied stating that the city did not fund events. I replied that this was fine, but why was my post deleted – he replied that he was not associated and could not explain. What the F is going on with our Wescliffe “Community” Association – it appears to be run AND STRICTLY CONTROLLED by persons outside the Association – is this not a democratic entity?!

  3. Dennis Lloyd says:

    The original post about the WECA events has also been deleted, but was posted by Carolina Robson, whose Facebook page identifies her as “Youth Advisor at WECA Special Events Committee.” Who was it who deleted Carolina’s post?

  4. Jeff Wilson says:

    Well, Dennis Lloyd, you have us (WECA) quite spun up today to get to the bottom of what happen. We have rebalanced our facebook page admin rights to hopefully avoid this in the future. Please feel free to post your question on the page, I will formally respond.

    Craig, if you think we are illegitimate, that is your own personal problem.

    – Jeff, I would argue that the lack of transparency and accountability at the undemocratic Bells Corners community associations is the whole community’s problem. So is the censorship and the lack of inclusiveness.

    Dennis Lloyd made a good point about your need to charge a membership fee for participants in WECA activities. The right to charge huge rent for the public community building brings in MANY thousands of dollars for the executive to spend every year, PLENTY enough to cover costs. You get financial support from City managers, the councillor, the BIA and big local businesses.

    Community associations are the bottom rung of our democratic system – they should be transparent and accountable, especially when it comes to spending tax dollars. No one should be allowed to profit personally from being on the executive or serving the politicians. A REAL community association is transparent and accountable, not secretive and conniving, with all financial data and minutes available online. It follows its own bylaws.

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