Alex Lewis and the police chief

Will Constable Lewis and Chief Bordeleau be riding the Bells Corners bike-taxi in the pride parade? In uniform?

NOT impressed with Councillor Hubley. Who’s the bully?

Soldier/Cop/Conservative/GLBT activist Alex Lewis is back in the news striking nerves.
Hubley, Watson and Lewis blasted as dinosaurs of the 20th century.

After reading Lewis’s opinion piece, the beleaguered police chief said he too will parade in uniform no matter what the consequences.

Will he have a police escort? Maybe Constable Lewis?

Will there be disruptive public theatre?

Politicians of most stripes love a parade.

Mustang party in Bells Corners.

Mustang Sally flashes some leg.

The club president addresses the troops.

Weight-lifting pedestrians hitch a ride on the Bells Corners strip.

Pumping iron on the sidewalk to nowhere.

Tomlinson army resurfacing the Bells Corners strip.

You can tell rank by the colour of the helmet. White = officer.

By the heritage hotel where they shot the movie.

This asphalting machine is the most expensive piece of hardware used.

$800,000 for the machine, $35/hour for the operator.

The white machine feeding in the asphalt costs $500,000.

The flag people make about $20/hr.

This student loves her summer job as a flag person.

She tries to keep everyone safe, but she has no authority to stop the jay walkers.

Pedestrians at the old Hooters.

Going door-to-door for charity?

Irish tourists staying in Bells Corners.

The skinny on Zellers.

Zellers ghost gone?

Friendly guy from iCookPhoU.

Digital mindset at the Dairy Queen?

No tipping allowed.

Email me to book a free ride.

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