Don’t you love it when self-congratulatory politicians and bureaucrats award each other medals and trophies? Jim got his own “jubilee medal” last year from disgraced Liberal Senator Mac Harb. Here the Liberal politician rewards his top bureaucrats (average salary $199,000).
The smaller fish get their share too: Rick, surrounded by his employees and cronies, gives out little blue trophies as swag to $80K bureaucrats.
Conservative West-end councillors Shad Qadri and Eli El-Chantiry got pinned by hapless Kanata MP Gordon O’Connor, while the hypocritical Allan Hubley got one from fellow right-wing warrior Lisa MacLeod.
At this point it’s not clear who will give Rick his medal (cousin Bob still hasn’t forgiven him for the double-cross). Rusty might do it, but I doubt it. Too bad for Rick that Larry got turfed and Keith doesn’t have any to give out.
The Citizen asks: “When Queen Elizabeth II was pondering how she wished to commemorate her 60th anniversary on the throne, what are the chances she envisioned having a special medal struck, which would then be handed out willy-nilly by politicians, often looking to curry favour with the recipients?”
Doesn’t it cheapen the value of these medals?

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One Response to $elf-congratulations

  1. margaret says:

    ” … medals are meant to recognize significant contributions to Canada or particular communities within it …. ”

    what an absolute farce .. . the whole jubilee medal thing has made it one of little value, which is sad, the previous one afew years ago was a bit better as it had some specific requirements
    this one seems to have had ‘know anyone who would like one’ not who ‘earned’ recognition

    why on earth is paid staff of ottawa worth a canadian medal

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