unsung heroes (Hockey Day in Ottawa)

The City is organizing a Special Day today called Hockey Day in Ottawa. Residents and politicians looking for a good photo op or some free swag will be showing up at Ottawa’s 255 outdoor rinks.

Hockey Day in Ottawa will honour the unsung heroes who maintain the rinks, according to Luc Simard, a spokesperson for the Seasonal Recreation department of the City bureaucracy.

“It’s to put the operators in the spotlight,” he said. “We really want to focus on thanking the operators” (guys like Al, Bruce, Doug, Matt, Steven, Rob, Dave, Pam and countless others).

previous years’ Hockey Days:

I won’t be filming this year’s event – Team Chiarelli warned me that I must obtain written permission from the parents of anyone under 18 to take a picture. Huh? Something fishy there.

No shortage of rumours about plans for Westcliffe Park – will we get a local version of the Rink of Dreams? Wouldn’t that be sweet? Let’s follow the bouncing ball on this one – I’ll believe it when I see it.

But it’s okay to dream – both the Sens foundation and the Habs foundation are rolling out the refrigerated community outdoor rinks.

Here’s what’s happening in Montreal.

La patinoire aura les dimensions réglementaires de la LNH, soit 200 pieds x 85 pieds et une qualité de glace qui saurait plaire aux professionnels. Cette installation polyvalente d’une valeur de plus de 1 M$ est léguée à la communauté.

Le maire Michael Applebaum a annoncé que CDN-NDG devra débourser 700 000$ pour préparer le terrain, amener l’électricité, installer les lumières et préparer le terrain de basketball. Il s’agit d’une dépense unique. La Fondation investira ensuite 1 M$ pour l’installation de la patinoire. L’arrondissement dépensera 100 000$ par année pour faire la glace et l’entretien. Même si ce n’était pas une dépense prévue au budget, le maire affirme qu’il trouvera assurément les fonds pour la couvrir.

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3 Responses to unsung heroes (Hockey Day in Ottawa)

  1. Mike says:

    You can take a picture or video of anyone on public property, including politicians and police officers, as long as you don’t profit from it.

    If it’s for profit then yes, you must have the person in the picture or video sign a release form. Don’t listen to these politicians – take pictures or videos as much as you want, as long it’s on public property.

    If it’s on private property then you may need permission from property management to take pictures on said property.

  2. Rick likes to tell people he is a lawyer. He might have gone to law school but he was never called to the bar and as such is not a lawyer. If he wants to keep up the lie it would probably help if he didn’t express so many incorrect legal opinions.

  3. wanderer says:

    I agree, take all the pictures and videos of anyone you want to, as the ‘ban’ from public property is totally illegal, and can’t be enforced. If you want some company as you wander about and take photos, just ask any of us, your friends, and we’ll happily accompany you to the park/rink.

    What a spoilsport and bully RC is – I’m not afraid of him, and neither is my hubby. You know who we are, so just call if you need back up, and others I’m sure would be willing to back you up too.

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