Jim Trump

What’s got into our mayor? First, he put on his trolling hat to deliver a nasty Donald-Trumpish attack on Alex Cullen.
Then he publicly sneered at Randall Denley for daring to state the obvious, that politicians should NOT take fat cheques from corporations looking for favours.
What got the mayor so upset? Cullen and Denley are hitting Watson where it hurts by criticizing him on transparency and integrity.
In 2014, running against a challenger who hadn’t a hope of beating him, Watson still spent more than $300,000, nearly one-third of that from corporate or union donors. A single fundraiser hosted by developers brought in $52,000.
Denley: “The system we have now is set up to give wealthy people undue influence. Candidates don’t need to be wealthy as long as they have friends who are.
Business people can donate both corporately and personally, up to the limit of $5,000. That’s well beyond the means of the average person.
One would think that, as a fundamental principle, it would be wrong for councillors to accept money from any business when their decisions can affect that business’s financial prospects.
That’s not stopping some members of the city’s planning committee.
Councillors who got half or more of their 2014 campaign funds from corporate or union donations include chair Jan Harder, vice-chair Tim Tierney, and members Rick Chiarelli, Stephen Blais and Allan Hubley.
If accepting money from businesses or unions is wrong federally, wrong provincially and wrong in Toronto, why is it right here?”
Do people who donate money to politicians expect something in return?
One big happy family at City Hall.
Pierre Pagé used to run City Hall before Larry O’Brien fired him, triggering a controversial $20,000 farewell cocktail party and a MASSIVE severance payment.
Looks like there’s still bad blood.
Politicians can be nasty when journalists do their job.
Numbered companies are quite generous.
You scratch my back… The building permit for the rickety deck was approved and family was hired at Grazie.
Rick held his victory party here. It’s good to have a friend on council.
No photo radar needed here.
Maybe here?

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8 Responses to Jim Trump

  1. ottawaowl says:

    Now the mayor’s taking a cheap shot at one of our few honest politicians. Sad.

  2. ottawaowl says:

    The system we have now is set up to give wealthy people undue influence. The mayor looks churlish defending the indefensible.


  3. Luke Chadwick says:

    Thanks for the update. What I get out of this is that the mayor has to always get the final word in the often childish yet permanent world of Twitter. This type of dialogue really should be taken to a more private forum.

    Mayor Jim, I think you need to realize that some people have differing opinions. These Twitter battles serve no purpose other than to show how much time you spend on social media.

    • Carlos says:

      I’m also disappointed that Watson would get into a Twitter-war like this — especially since this isn’t an isolated incident. Watson should know that the correct way to deal with something like this is to either ignore it, or make a mockery of it, but never actually engage.

      I’ve always been very negative about Watson but– minus the social media outburst– I really like how he has conducted himself the last few months. After years of sucking he suddenly became a good mayor which is strange because it happened almost overnight. I think it might be because this is his last term — but yeah he has to stop getting into fights online. You can’t take him seriously when he does stuff like that.

  4. jayme says:

    Luke, You’re right in part but there are some trolls that Watson should just block.

  5. Tristan says:

    Councillor Kevin O’Donnell blocked me on Twitter because I suggested that Paul Anka Drive be renamed due to Anka’s musical crimes against humanity! Exhibit one would be the song “You’re Having My Baby”. Since Paul Anka Drive is in his ward he should at least entertain my suggestion!

    Kevin O’Donnell is NOT a councillor.

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