politicians with nice hair

Life is grand in Bells Corners.

New bike-taxi pilot at the Brew Table.

Still NO tipping allowed.

I picked up these passengers outside of Endless Beauty.

A tourist from Nova Scotia prepares to launch a ballistic missile.

Drop-in prayer centre at the heavily tax-subsidized Christ Church.

Churches, temples and mosques don’t pay property taxes, so it’s only fair that they don’t charge when screening old Charlton Heston movies.

Removing the interlock in the FreshCo plaza – the bricks will probably end up in the landfill.

Same on the strip. Maybe it looks better for the businesses but in our climate it’s a poor choice for taxpayers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Nice “sidewalk” for the steady stream of pedestrians between the call centre and Timmys.

Most drivers pay attention so nobody’s been hurt recently.

Storing the pylons where the line is to be painted would protect them a bit.

Pedestrians and cyclists in Montreal get more respect.

Trevor “Boeuf” Haché from the Healthy Transportation Coalition wants to make it safer.

Frequent flyer in Dragonfly Park.

Alex Lewis can relax.

Looks like he’ll be able to march in the Pride Parade in uniform if he wears his soldier duds and leaves his guns at home.

Politicians love to self-congratulate and award each other medals and trophies.

Will Lisa MacLeod award herself one of her taxpayer-funded Lisa MacLeod gang patches? Will this BCR scammer  get one for his service to the Conservative cause?

Rick Chiarelli’s buddy, the first Bells Corners BIA boss (before Alex and Lisa’s hubby), is still doing right-wing politics Terry Kilrea-style.

Does Patton share Lisa and Joe’s admiration for Donald Trump and other demagogues?

They do have nice hair though.

Our second most famous Bells Corners politician is on the war path again.

Is Ottawa already a sanctuary city at the library?

Not the first time I’ve seen one of these signs on a Bells Corners business. Seems a bit mean: when you GottaGo

Maybe it’s because homeless people are colonizing Bells Corners again?

A flat-black painter rejoices – the Pizza Hut Local Heroes TBA roof is almost done.

Kudos for Jim, brickbats for Tristan and Erin.

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