$upporting the troops

This Canadian soldier hitched a bike-taxi ride to the Cameron Highlanders base in the beer store plaza.

Yet another costly delay at Fort Rusty – 3,400 civilians and soldiers were to be on site by March 31, 2016, but currently only 750 HR civilians occupy old Nortel cubicles.

More DND disappointment for realtors, homeowners and politicians. Home prices in Bells Corners/Kanata/Barrhaven rose only 4% in the past year, less than for the city as a whole.

Stittsville got a modest 8% DND bump. A local realtor called it “the community of choice for Canadian Forces members.”

When bumbling planners finally get their Defence headquarters plans on track, will west end home prices feel the jolt of the military occupation?

More fun than a LAV in Afghanistan.

Bike-taxis to be deployed in upcoming peacekeeping missions to Africa?

New icons for the four Bells Corners bus routes: red hexagon for a Frequent route, blue circle for a Rapid route, purple oval for a Connexion route, shapes with a white background for routes with infrequent, sparse service.

The only route change through Bells Corners is for the new 88 Hurdman/Terry Fox (the old 118).

Got your EquiPass?

A Bells Corners tradition.

At the Best Western, not to be confused with the hacked Holiday Inn.

Sweet profits for some when there’s ZERO transparency and abuse of the taxpayer.

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