tying the knot (cops on bikes)

Quebeckers invade Bells Corners.

This soon-to-be-married couple was celebrating with friends on the Bells Corners strip.

Free bike-taxi tour of beautiful downtown Bells Corners.

Police on bikes stopped to ask if they’d seen an 81-year-old Russian-speaking man on the run from Valley Stream.

The officer with the police socks looked familiar.

He was at the Bayshore Bikes! event.

You don’t often see two-wheeled police in Bells Corners. They have a fleet of about 100 machines.

The Montreal cops-on-bikes have better uniforms and bikes.

Special electrical-assist police bike from a Bells Corners company.

One of the excellent cooks at the Laugh Out Loud heritage Indian restaurant. Nice hat!

Another nice hat!

A busload of tourists from India dining at the Urban Tandoor.

This soccer team from Saint-Eustache was eating at East Side Mario’s and sleeping at the Holiday Inn.

They enjoyed their stay in beautiful Bells Corners.

Les Boys.

Nepean fans who’ve read the City Beyond.

Friendly FreshCo family from the Big Nickel.

Black fleur-de-lys on a ride to Lynwood Manor where the police partied.

This guy has Bells Corners in his blood.

Pizza pizza!

Free bike-taxi cruise and photo op with every slice.

No fresh asphalt for the fake bike lane.

Room for safe cycling but not enough money or political will.

A smoother shoulder for pedestrians and cyclists cheek by jowl with speeding traffic.

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