our parks threatened

Our Bells Corners parks are threatened!

It’s not just the vandals who regularly trash them and commit other crimes.

Emerald ash borers are denuding our parks of vegetation. Lynwood, Entrance, Quinpool and Arnold parks will be the hardest hit with over 50% of their trees doomed if we don’t do anything this summer. Hillside Donoghue Memorial, Westcliffe and Trevor parks have 25-50% ash trees, so they will also be ravaged by the destructive insects.

Here Rick’s poorly spelled and grammatically incorrect warning:

The incorrect use of capitals is irksome, but the erroneous use of the apostrophes (“Ash Tree’s on our properties”) is worse. It reminds me of the mistake on the front page of the BIA website:

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One Response to our parks threatened

  1. wookie says:

    One thing – isn’t it illegal to ride on the sidewalk? I know drivers don’t give a hell about cyclists.

    Nobody wants to clean up anything, because they’re too lazy and Rick couldn’t care less. It’s all about MONEY!

    When I am walking through the woods, I bring a trash bag to collect all the crap. Made a few cents on the beer bottles.

    If no one wants to wants to get the ball rolling then, there’s nothing anyone can do.

    Everybody has to do something!

    – The boulevard area along the strip (sidewalk, weed strip and interlock) could eventually become a shared-use area where SLOW, COURTEOUS cyclists would always yield to pedestrians and motorists accessing the parking lots would always yield to both pedestrians and cyclists.

    It’s not an ideal solution, but it’d be cheap – just some signage and a little bit of work at City Hall, less than 1% of what the rebuilding of the Robertson/Moodie intersection is going to cost.

    Where should an inexperienced youth or a granny ride – on the boulevard area or cheek to jowl with the speeding trucks and busses?

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