winter’s coming

When the boards go up for outdoor hockey it’s a sure sign that winter is not far off.

The last two seasons in Lynwood Park have been disastrous, and this season is off to a poor start thanks to LVCA bungling.

Apparently the community association treasurer knows someone who might be willing to sign the contract. Maybe that will work out, but at this point it looks like skaters in Lynwood will have to continue to go to Westcliffe if they want to play outdoor hockey on decent ice.

Doug is a skilled ice-maker and a principled nice guy, so I have high hopes that he’ll make this season a memorable one. Hope the WECA gets its act together after the numerous problems last year, when the rink contract wasn’t respected (not even close!)

Here’s another sign that winter’s coming.

This ingenious device tidies up the gutters on streets that are lucky enough to have curbs and sidewalks.

John-the-sweeper works for the City – his job requires a lot of dexterity and skill, and he’s VERY good at it.

It’s too bad that more areas of Bells Corners aren’t safe for pedestrians. A small girl was seriously injured in a horrific accident in Westcliffe.

The toddler is finally out of the hospital – a recent event at the Westcliffe community building gave her mother both moral and financial support.

If winter’s coming you better get your snow tires on – there’s lots of choice in Bells Corners- don’t put it off until the first snowfall, when things go nuts at local garages.

Bells Corners has Ottawa’s strongest and most skilled car mechanics, so don’t even think of going elsewhere.

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One Response to winter’s coming

  1. wanderer says:

    Adrian is already busy at his new address, but we managed to get our tires done last week. Make an appointment to be sure you get to him in time.

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