Rick or Ryan?

Jim Watson taking a federal appointment? Rick Chiarelli running for mayor? Ryan Kennery taking on Rick in College ward?

Mark Taylor/Vern White/Stevie Blais/Larry O’Brien as next mayor of Ottawa? Lots of crazy rumours out there.

No love lost between Rick and Jim.


Hallelujah! Bonne chance, Ryan et Jim.

Chiarelli scoffed at Kennery’s chances of dethroning him: ““He’s a nice guy, but Jim’s throwing him under the bus,” Chiarelli told his buddy Sue Sherring.

Watson would relish a Chiarelli defeat almost as much as he enjoyed seeing Alex Cullen go down in flames in 2014 and in 2010.

The Watson federal appointment rumour is out there from his own people, trying to get someone to show their cards. They don’t want a Larry O’Brien-type drop-in out of nowhere at the last minute. So FAKE news!

Rick’s employee Mike “Just saying!” Patton is pushing the Chiarelli4Mayor rumour too. I LOVE his videos! But it’s FAKE news to puff up his boss Chiarelli and ridicule Watson. Nasty, but no nastier than Jim.

So the Rick-for-mayor campaign is all fake, pumped out by Rick himself through Patton and Ken Gray. Both are financed through Rick’s $250,000 office budget/campaign slush fund. And that’s BEFORE the “donations” from wealthy developers and “friends” start rolling in!

I like Gray’s anti-Watson stuff, but the fawning over Chiarelli is silly. Is the revenue from the Rick ads worth it? Just saying.

I reached out to Ottawa’s most successful campaign manager to find out about some other rumours. For example, I asked him about Lovina’s chances of taking down Lisa Ford in Nepean riding.

His answer surprised me.

Vote for the sake of the kids!

Vote anyone but Rick!

Rumour mill surrounding the new Bells Corners opiate clinic.

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1 Response to Rick or Ryan?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope you beat Rick Chiarelli’s FAT ASS so bad it’s humiliating. He personifies all the worst aspects of a corrupt greedy politician.

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