illegitimate community associations (part 1)

Rick recently kicked up a big fuss about “illegitimate community associations” – code for community groups that aren’t in his pocket.

from the Citizen:

You know that you’re a “legitimate” or “authentic” community association in Rick’s eyes when he starts handing out taxpayer-funded trophies and medals to board members and the City of Ottawa bureaucrats who supervise them.

The Westcliffe Estates Community Association (WECA) is considered legitimate by our councillor – Bill hasn’t received his trophy yet but it’s only a matter of time.

Lisa and Pierre will probably give him something too.

The WECA recently held its AGM, but none of its decisions are “legitimate” since so few residents bothered to show, even though an expensive newsletter (financed by the councillor’s office?) was distributed door-to-door, supposedly throughout the Westcliffe community.

Quorum is defined in the WECA constitution as 20 members, and there were only a handful of residents in the room, maybe a dozen. But even if every single member had showed up at the meeting, quorum would not have been reached – after its “membership drive” and the door-to-door distribution of its newsletter, the WECA only has 18 members!

More people joined last year because of this incorrect information:


In reality membership dues are NOT “the primary source of funding” for WECA activities:

That whopper was only partially corrected in this year’s version, which implies that without enough members paying the $10 tax the WECA won’t be able to maintain the rink or hold a party:

The Westcliffe outdoor rink is fully-funded by the City to the tune of $4200 (plus about $5000 for other costs). Membership fees AREN’T really needed – renting the Westcliffe community building to community members (those who don’t get it free) is the WECA’s cash cow.

With such deception is it surprising that membership has plummeted from 95 members to only 18 this year? Maybe if all board members (especially those who derive financial advantage from their positions on the board!) paid their dues the WECA can reach quorum at its next AGM. Certainly Jordan can afford it – sure, he’s just a teenager, but I’m guessing that he draws a good wage from Rick courtesy of his $250K annual office budget.

While I’m crabbing about truth-in-advertising – what about the bogus claim that there would be refreshments served – was Rick supposed to bring his taxpayer-funded pop and doughnuts?

One last quibble – the WECA constitution states that only one person per household can be on the executive. Too bad this wasn’t cleaned up last year when – for the first time in many years – 20 people showed up and they actually had quorum! Too bad they didn’t hold an election while they had a chance at last year’s tumultuous meeting. Good thing there were two police officers, the City’s head of corporate security, a WECA bouncer and several Rick employees on hand to restore order!

Who showed up and what did they say? Any reporters there? Did Mr. Big Himself show up? Mr. Really-Big? Rick’s muscle Al? Molly? Don Robertson? Lida? BIA honchos?

For the answers to these and other questions tune in Monday for my unofficial, unauthorized WECA AGM minutes.

Don’t bother waiting for the official minutes. Since the secretary position has been vacant since Meghann resigned no one seemed to be taking minutes. Maybe Bill’s thinking “what’s the point if it’s not a legitimate meeting?” Or perhaps he’s learned his lesson from last year. Letting members see the minutes and financial details upon request came back to bite him in the butt, so I expect the WECA to become even less transparent this year!

Yes, such a thing is possible – look no farther than Rick’s “Lynwood Village” Community Association, where secrecy is next to godliness.

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One Response to illegitimate community associations (part 1)

  1. Megan says:

    The director of memberships reported on memberships sold for 2012/2013 (the majority of which were sold the evening of the AGM) instead of reporting on the last year’s membership (which is in the 100 range) due to a miscommunication.

    – Your AGM DIDN’T have quorum, right?

    Unless I’m mistaken, the WECA hasn’t had quorum in a l-o-n-g time apart from last year, when residents came out to see what Jim was offering the community (a skateboard park or some other juicy tidbit?)

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