Not in my backyard!

Why are these people so angry?

When property values are threatened people pay attention.

They mobilize.

Standing room only at the Moodie light rail meeting.

The vote was nearly unanimous: “NIMBY!”

NO to a park and ride for Stittsville/Kanata/Bells Corners commuters. NO to politicians Qadri and Hubley.”

This is what the planners want – the cheapest and most logical option, they say.

But Crystal Beach-Lakeview residents and politician Mark Taylor are pushing hard for a much more expen$ive plan.

“Put the hated train storage and maintenance facility somewhere else, anywhere else,” they cried.

They want it pushed out of their backyard into another ward, either Kanata North or College.

Failing that they want the train yard on Wesley Clover’s ranch or…

…on prime Greenbelt agricultural land on the Bells Corners side of the 417.

Here’s why the planners want it on the east side of Moodie.

Their checklist. Big political battle shaping up at City Council but Jim Trump will have the last word.

Not always a bucket of fun at Bells Corners banks.

This man reportedly took out a large knife and demanded the cash a woman had just taken from an ATM machine. She handed it over and he fled.

Not the first robbery at the Bells Corners Scotiabank.

Traffic chaos continues on the Bells Corners strip.

“Toss me another brick,” said this worker in Spanish.

One way to transport a telescope for public safe solar observing.

Express ride from McDonald’s to Dairy Queen.

What’s going on at the FreshCo plaza?

The rusting steel columns will be repaired and covered with a faux stone veneer. The signs will be shifted upward to let more light into the stores.

The 1% mall owners should thank the taxpayer for the generous handouts.

Fresh veggies as an alternative to grass and weeds.

Where can you buy this magazine?

Where can you buy a fidget spinner?

At the friendly Bells Corners Mini Mart.

The harvest will be late and reduced this year.

Soggy fields and wet weather have made it almost impossible for some farmers to prepare and plant their fields.

But the Veggie Trails NCC fields are well drained so they’re not complaining.

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4 Responses to Not in my backyard!

  1. Jimmy Watson says:

    You not-in-my-backyarders have already won a $15,000,000 victory. You better not push your luck. I’ve already told Mark Taylor what I want, so that’s the end of it!

    Common sense?

  2. CrystalBeach-LakeviewCommunityFacebookBoss says:

    CBC story
    Crystal Beach-Lakeview Community Association “violently opposed” to putting LRT station near people? Maybe “extremely doggedly opposed” instead?

  3. ottawaSun says:

    The closest community to the future LRT station at Moodie Drive would rather see the stop built farther away from its residents.

  4. peggy says:

    Why locating the LRT station west of Moodie is the best choice.
    peggy’s letter to anita

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