Fire! 2

TonyL writes:

Here are three YouTubes I took of the fire as it happened, spread out over about 30 minutes.

The most pressing thing depicted is how long it took to FINALLY get water to the fire.

The movies are a bit jerky and rough due to the nature of event. It was pretty intense!

A Bellwood resident who laboured 20 years in the insurance racket told me today that every Ontario residence is SUPPOSED to be within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant. Since so many Bellwood homes seem to be well beyond that range – is there an issue here? The fire was successfully contained thanks to our excellent Bells Corners firefighters and a dozen trucks from other neighbourhoods. But seriously, running hoses all the way from near the Tim Hortons on Robertson to the blazing home (in the absence of any fire hydrants in the trailer park) is not exactly rapid response, something you hope for when your neighbourhood is on fire.

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