strip blues

Traffic chaos at the most dangerous intersection on the Bells Corners strip.

But business is still booming at the Bells Corners Ottawa/Kanata Best Western.

Busloads of tourists are packing local hotels on the strip.

Nicely renovated front desk.

A huge brontosaurus chews up the asphalt…

…and spits it into the truck.

Behemoth at work.

Machines can’t do everything (yet).

Lots of overtime for the police.

You don’t often see cars parked on the median.

Traffic was clogged for hours and busses were late.

Free bike-taxi service for strip pedestrians to bypass the chaos.

I gave this couple a ride from the hotel to the Subway.

These guys hopped off at FreshCo.

Nice to trust your neighbour but unlocked bikes attract the wrong kind of attention.

I dropped these FreshCo shoppers off in Dragonfly Park.

Firefighter cools off at the Dairy Queen.

I’m not the only one to give free rides.

More Dairy Queen passengers.

Where the heritage Tim Horton’s used to be.

Robertson/Moodie to the Cameron Highlanders plaza.

Cruising the Beer Store plaza parking lot while waiting for their pizza pizza.

Kanata resident commuting home from Bells Corners. Today she takes the bus but one day she’ll be taking the train.

But how will Kanata/Stittsville be connected to the new Moodie light rail station?

Along Timm Drive?

Along Robertson Road?

Through Wesley Clover on the north side of the Queensway?

Along the TransCanada Trail? This plan is being carried forward for more study.

Corridor 5? Answers from the Citizen and from StittsvilleCentral.

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