delicious no more

Many Bells Corners restaurants have opened and closed over the years (Corkscrew, Ponderosa, Golden Griddle, The Keg, ChiChi’s, South of the Border, City Slickers, and scores of others). Now it’s the Delicious Steak House’s turn to bite the dust.

I always thought that the name was sort of dumb immodest grammatically dubious quirky for a restaurant – almost as silly as “Foody Goody.” But hey, quirky, local and unique is always better than corporate and bland. Luckily we won’t be getting another national chain as the latest competition in the fierce competition for the restaurant dollar.
Now it’s Fitz’s Classic Bar and Grill, sort of like Moe’s only way classier.

Fitz ran a restaurant off of Merivale and now he’s taking a chance on Bells Corners.

Let’s wish him luck and hope that the dreaded Chiarelli/BIA taxes and all of the bungling won’t scupper his faith in our community.

The decor inside the restaurant is already quite nice, but it will be further updated in line with Fitz’s vision. But the biggest change will be to the deck – look for the ancient rickety wood structure to be replaced with something shiny and new.

The menu has also been updated – it’s pretty much direct competition for East Side Mario’s or any of the other middle-of-the-road restaurants in Bells Corners. I didn’t taste the food, but it certainly looked delicious and the lunch customers were tucking into their grub with great gusto.

Behind Fitz’s I discovered this delightful little inner courtyard area with some magnificent towering trees. An entire hockey team from Owen Sound (in town for a tournament at the Sensplex) was enjoying a barbecue. The coaches, parents and kids were impressed with the bike-taxi, so I spent about an hour introducing our visitors to the wonders of the strip as seen from a bike-taxi.

Then I was flagged down by this guy in Westcliffe – he had seen the bike-taxi on CBC and was delighted to get a ride. He was the most enthusiastic passenger I’ve ever had, so we got a lot of smiles and laughs as we did the rounds.

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