geeks on the strip

This Kanata couple took a bike-taxi ride down the Bells Corners strip from East Side Mario’s to the Westcliffe Tim Hortons. The young woman was “born and bred in Nunavut.”

It’s fun giving free rides to costumed geeks.

Local Heroes customers celebrating a Sens victory.

Lynwood Village resident pumped for the playoffs.

Westcliffe residents on their way to their favourite park.

This Mexican-born Westcliffe resident arrived in Canada as a young woman.

Her first job was working as a nanny in posh Cedarhill. She’s lived in Bells Corners for 21 years in the deadly Sonnet neighbourhood.

Current home prices range from $80K in Bellwood to several million in Cedarhill.

$165K on Hadley Circle.

Will Terry Matthews let ordinary residents access Wesley Clover Parks without buying a ticket and paying for parking?

Matthew’s daughter, the Wesley Clover executive director, was asked this question at a community association meeting in Crystal Beach. Other residents asked about traffic issues and the huge problems at the Shania Twain concert.

Skiers and snowshoers used to park in the free NCC lot on Corkstown Road to access the trails on public Greenbelt land. Now they are supposed to buy a day pass ($7 for skiing and $5 for snowshoes).

The good news is that when the NCC granted Matthews a 50-year lease it excluded P3 and a right of way from Corkstown Road to the Watts Creek Pathway. So there will continue to be limited free access.

Wesley Clover has big plans for development, but a light rail Maintenance and Storage Facility along Corkstown Road would complicate things. The light rail station would logically go on the Wesley Clover side of Moodie and who knows where the proposed parking lot for Kanata/Stittsville drivers would go?

Maple syrup production in Lynwood Village.

Bells Corners coming up on the left.

Canada Post frowns upon people posting ads on community mail boxes.

The wrong type of adhesive can mar boxes permanently.

It can look crappy.

Responsible postering is tolerated by most posties.

If you put it up, take it down and don’t leave a trace.

Marilyn’s senior-friendly group meets on Wednesdays in the fake clubhouse.

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