The Bells Corners community can be divided up in many different ways:

Bells Corners East/Bells Corners West.

Another way of divvying us up: Lynwood Village/Westcliffe/Bellwood (the neighbourhoods that have community associations) and everybody else, which leaves out a lot of people.

You could break it down a lot further into more homogenous “mini-communities:” Lynwood Manor, Forester, Stillwater Creek, Hammill Court, lower Lynwood Village, Sonnet, Hadley, Priam, Cherrywood, etc. etc.

Another way of looking at it: I belong to the Lynwood Village Split-level Community, the people who live in the approximately 40 Bill Teron-built split-level homes that were constructed in the early 1960s. We have a lot in common.

Our homes are all basically the same…

…but with many interesting variations. I visited one split-level that had doubled the size of the main bathroom, and another place that converted garage space into living space.

Lynwood Village Split-levels

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1 Response to splitsville

  1. margaret says:

    really don’t understand their method of assessing
    never could understand why a residential ‘island’ was split in two …
    bells corners is a village – it has to be taken as a whole the schools are for ALL the area
    so is most of the recreation

    bells corners west has no school ?
    franco ouest wouldn’t be pleased to hear that
    this area has vitually nothing by their stats

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