new military base in Ottawa’s wild west end

Some DND officials are raising concerns about the upcoming move to the Defense Campus on Moodie Drive near Bells Corners – seems that we’re so far out in the boonies that military personnel will need to receive hardship pay for working in the Far West, further inflating the $623 million cost of transforming the former Nortel site into a military base defense campus.

Luckily the Citizen is on the case. They sent an intrepid scout out to the Far West to see what sort of hardships the soldiers/DND bureaucrats will face so far from downtown Ottawa/Gatineau and Orleans.

His report speaks of “a nearby settlement called Bells Corners” where he found “purveyors of meat and produce, plus a Starbucks and a Thai restaurant with peeling paint.”

Phew! Presumably the courageous scout’s report will allow the project to move forward in spite of the union’s objections, and we won’t need Rick to ride to the rescue for us. His glorious plan to revive Bells Corners is still on track and maybe within the decade hordes of soldiers and bureaucrats will be jamming our smoke-free patios, buying new sinks and Starfries and driving up real estate values and employment.

Meanwhile the rainy weather pretty much washed away the Bells Corners Community-wide Garage Sale.

Westcliffe put up some signs and there was a bit of action at their community centre, but elsewhere in Bells Corners pickings were very slim.

The Westcliffe Fun Day was also affected by the poor weather, although attendance picked up a bit when it stopped raining. Rides on the pony, the horse and the bike-taxi were popular.

The face painter did an awesome job. The humungous bouncy slide was enjoyed by everyone, especially this jolly guy.

The WECA decided to just give away the hotdogs and freezies – Alex paid for 300 Shopsies so there must have been a lot left over.

The candy floss Rick provided all got eaten and Lisa’s balloons all got inflated, with many of them escaping into the sky as a present for the birds.

Rick hung around with his coterie of family, employees and photographers, taking refuge in the hot dog tent when the rain blew in.

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7 Responses to new military base in Ottawa’s wild west end

  1. wanderer says:

    What was that you said about RC’s glorious plans to revive/resuscitate Bells Corners????? I hope your tongue was firmly stuck in your cheek!!

    I’ll be long dead and gone before anything of substance happens to accomplish this miracle.

    More doors closing every month, and summer’s just begun.

    – It’s not looking good for Rick these days, but, like a Phoenix (the developers who cut him a nice cheque in 2010), he may yet rise from the ashes.

    It’s a l-o-n-g time until the 2014 elections – the well-financed, well-CONNECTED Vox fox is a wily foe and will counterattack when Jay tells him the time is right.

    Fox eats sheep – it’s as simple as that.

    Phoenix is doing very well these days – the towns beside the new mosque are selling like hotcakes!

  2. john says:

    Are the new houses really selling that well?

    – To be honest, I have no idea. About 15% of the units have signs in the window saying “owner-occupied” – maybe the rest are already sold?

  3. wookie says:

    Who cares about DND moving into Nortel? It will cost billions of dollars, and take many years.
    But why not ? We’ve been screwed before by grandiose ideas!
    I say go for it – or build a casino!

  4. ottawaowl says:

    The plot thickens – Rusty will move his office to the former Nortel site as Minister of National Defence with Rick as his second in command.

    If it happens – the Liberals and some of the military brass hate the thought of being banned to the boonies and are trying to spike Baird’s deal.

    • ottawaowl says:

      Bilingual commuting satire panned.

      • margaret says:

        when I saw McNeely’s comments in the press, it sure sounded as though he was finally admitting the government was made up of a top-heavy quota of francophone staff – and all living in the east end and all having to commute or move westward … surely this cannot be 🙂 the government wouldn’t do that would it ?

        and if all these people move will BC now have to become CC (coins de cloches) and all our street names changed ?

        for years people have been commuting from much further than Orleans to Nortel and without major roads until recently. I know of people who come in from the Prescott area daily – their choice – so Orleans to Moodie – 174/417 all the way – is a short trip ….

        admit it wouldn’t be my choice

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