share the road?

Is it safe to share the road on the Bells Corners strip?

Fake bike-lane sign smashed by an out-of-control driver.

Speeding exurban commuters sometimes don’t stay in their lanes and invade pedestrian space.

The Tomlinson Empire got the lucrative contract to redo the strip.

Many Ottawa politicians accept cash gifts from Tomlinson at election time.

New air-conditioning for the heritage Centennial Library. The old units were 20 years old.

Free perennials from your neighbours.

The sharing economy.
Thumbs up for the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi.

In the Starbucks plaza.

In the Lynwood Manor neighbourhood.

Seen from above.

In the Forester community.

Built by Minto in the 1970s.

These tourists from Quebec went for a spin after lunch at the Brew Table.

Bell High School students in Biba Park.

FreshCo banners.

Giving the finger on the strip.

General Dynamics and the “defence” industry occupy the old Computing Devices building.

Gear Head is renovating the old Local Heroes building, an eyesore since the Rough Rider Hall-of-Famer moved across the street.

Gear Head still owes a quarter-million in rent on their old place on Moodie where the Salvation Army store will soon be demolished.

Fresh asphalt at Mort’s.

It’s also known as Bell’s.

No hanging baskets from the BIA this year.

The new boss has other priorities.

The best way for tourists to see the local sights.

Portable water tank to keep the flowers from drying up.

Portable pesticide tank.

School trip: English-speaking students from Quebec staying in Bells Corners.

A busload of tourists from Spain checking in.

The shingles shot is free if you’re between 65 and 70.

The Ottawa Safety Council is located in this unique building on Menten Place.

Seen from above.

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One Response to share the road?

  1. TonyL1 says:

    “Is it safe to share the road on the Bells Corners strip?” A resounding NO!!! Traffic on Robertson Rd. is a frikin’ nightmare, with a road carrying way more vehicles than it can handle. Stay on the sidewalks and back ways if you value your life on a bicycle.

    The fake bike lanes are useless, and will eventually get someone maimed or killed. I have many hours of riding a bike logged the last few years, and it just keeps getting worse…

    Too many distracted drivers also. Cars full of built-in electronic garbage doesn’t help.

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