in Bells Corners fields…

My suggestion for Remembrance Day – show up at the Bells Corners Legion around 10 a.m. and poke your head in the door.

Many veterans watch the downtown ceremony on the widescreen t.v. in the comfy common space, and they’re quite friendly and willing to talk to strangers. You’re supposed to be a member, or a guest of a member, but they probably won’t kick you out if you look like a good egg (and not like a souverainiste).

Taliban Jacks are probably welcome too.

Harper fans too!

You’ll definitely have to leave before noon – that’s when the hordes of veterans and cadets who participated in the ceremony at Centrepointe roll into Bells Corners (a few by bike-taxi!) to eat, drink and be respectful.

It’s a grand spectacle when the Camerons come marching in.

They were based in Ottawa during the Second World War and were the first Canadians to storm the beaches of Normandy.

Somebody suggested naming our new CFL football team after them- the Ottawa Highlanders.

Some will like it. Others will hate it. How about the Ottawa Mintos, the Ottawa BobMonettes, the Ottawa Hunters/Chasseurs, the Ottawa Highrollers or the Ottawa Boondoggles as a compromise solution?

My first choice would be the Ottawa Roughriders, but Saskatchewan has it already.

If you can’t get to a Remembrance Day ceremony you might want to honour our troops by listening to Afghanada.


If you support our troops please click on the youtube at the end of this post.

Pas drôle!

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One Response to in Bells Corners fields…

  1. wanderer says:

    Unfortunately, not everybody is able to get downtown for the most beautiful ceremony, whether due to health or other circumstances, so whatever way anyone can join in the celebration of Remembrance Day, that should be enough.

    I attended for many, many years, and it certainly was beautiful and tugged at the heart strings, but I can no longer tolerate the standing in the cold, so I watch it on TV with my husband. I still get tears in my eyes and sing along.

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